Creative Commons 3D Models / Architectural

I’ve rescued a few models suitable for reuse from some older architectural work, and tidied them up a bit for group linking. They’re suitable for mid-distance viewing:

Hopefully they’ll be useful for someone’s project - I have a few more to tidy up, which I’ll publish to the above page when they’re done.

thanks for posting these, I’m sure they’ll help someone out:)

Just a suggestion, you may want to post these on that’s where more Blender users will find them.

Thanks very much for that; I’ve tried Blend Swap before, but I prefer the environment at deviantART - it also helps me to limit the amount of websites I have to maintain!

I’ve posted a few new models on deviantART (more lounge furniture, a projector and a creative LED module) since my original post.

nice sharing,it is certainly useful.

I’ve added curved truss sections to the truss library that were previously omitted, as well as new models for a baby grand piano & stool, a tv vision mixer and some window louvres.

Hi Skororu,
Thanks a lot, really nice models you did there :slight_smile: Are we allowed to reuse them commercially ? Should we credit you ? I didn’t find any license. I’m student at the moment, but in 2 years it would be nice if I could use them.
Thanks again for sharing :slight_smile:

Edit : ok, found it, i’ll have to do my own then or buy, but thanks anyway.

Thanks, Skororu. Great models!

BTW, if these are used, who do we credit? Just Skororu, or do you have another name as well?

I see what you mean, Deviantart puts the CC license message hidden away in the bottom right of each model’s webpage, so I’ve added the text in the directory gallery on the left to make it clearer - thanks for pointing it out!

When selecting CC licenses, Deviantart gives non-commercial as:

The licensor permits others to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work. In return, licensees may not use the work for commercial purposes — unless they get the licensor’s permission.”

So if you want to discuss using something commercially, just let me know using the “Send A Note” icon at Deviantart (

Thank you very much - “” is just fine; I hope they save you some time! More models to come soon.

Hi skororu,
Thanks for answering, i’ve still 2 years ahead before finishing my degree, but i will remember it.
In the meantime, i hope you don’t mind if i just write your name on the “credits”, deviantart is controversial by teachers.
Thanks again for sharing.