Creative liberty and low budget

The client gave me creative liberty and almost no money. I hope you get a laugh out of this.
Special thanks to the blendswap users listed in the video description.


That was very entartaining to watch, thank you! : D

You illustrate your points very well!

boy drop the icecream…! entraining and the truth too…but what the f*** in the last

Feel free to offer feedback on this.
What part of the end didn’t make sense?

“If you can’t trust a cartoon with a computer generated voice, who can you trust?” lol, I thought that was pretty good!

Great! For a commercial, it was a little long, and the voice just a touch dull, but it was entertaining. You do illustrate the points well.

Hahahah, I sure had a laugh at that! Good job on a low budget man!

The final budget ended up being zero dollars unfortunately.
I wouldn’t have made something this crazy except that the client approved the script and the storyboard before I started. He was so appalled by the video he refused to pay.

I thought it was an enjoyable watch. Certainly not something I would consider appalling, but to each their own.

hahahahah brilliant “Man buys newspaper”, shame you got no money. :frowning: Really, good work! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry to hear you didn’t get paid for this. I really thought it was funny and entertaining with a well written script that makes a clear and provocative statement about the media. Did the client have a different aesthetic quality for the video in mind or any ideas at all? It seems really irresponsible of the client to not have paid you for (at the very least) an effective concept.

Very funny and nice done :eyebrowlift:

This was one of those clients who couldn’t tell me what he wanted. He had links to other videos but they were all completely unrelated with different styles and he couldn’t say what he did or didn’t like about any of them.

I don’t really know what he didn’t like about the one I made. He said it looked unprofessional. I’ll admit it’s a little disjointed with the different styles of animation. I used mostly assets I already had from other projects.

I should have know better than to put time into it without knowing the guy.