Creative planet rendering contest.

The task is to create any planet in this solar system, including Pluto, even though it is officially not a planet. these planets should not be in a space setting but any other type of creative setting. The submissions will be judged by me and the prize is your very own website. (Sorry, not a .com name but a similar free one) You will be able to choose the name of this website too. This website will have on it your winning contest submission and any other information about you and the work you put into your submission. The deadline is November 7th. If I was unclear on anything please let me know.

I have a couple of pictures right now that I have created that might give you some ideas-

woa! if im trying to beed that lol, its like imposible lol.

This is Earth after everyone has Nukes and then somebody sneezes:


you are not very specific about the prize, do we get a own domain name (so we can direct it to our own space (like or will you just make one page on your own host dedicated to that one entry?

and second, why did you start this contest? you want the models? (for a (commercial) game or so)? or just for fun

Frendly greets, BackiZ

Yeah, and how much files or traffic can the site take? If I win I start a hosting company on it! (joking!)

I was going to set up an account on a host with 250 megs of space for the account. Then I was going to set up a free domain name service that would direct to the account on the host. But I guess if you wanted to direct the domain name to your own space I guess you could. I am going to contact the winner after the contest to get some details.

Second- No, I did not start this contest for the models. If I needed the models I would make them myself. This was just for fun and because it is not hard for me at all to set up a website.

hi jworld2
i saw something like this before here,

Cool sleepsleep, I didn’t even know that page existed when I made my picture of the planets. I know that the scales are way off but I didn’t actually spend a whole lot of time making that. That was just a quick afternoon project. This contest is just to see what creative things people can do with the planets. If you can model planets and need a website, go ahead and join. You might win a website!

If you need help on getting started, might I suggest my earth tutorial? They thread for this is here-

Okay, so this is a planet I made… it’s Mars, but covered in chocolate powder!!!

Okay not really, but it’s a planet of some sort.

EDIT: I hope it’s bright enough, if it’s not, somebody tell me.


You should rename the topic to “Planet rendering contest” I think…

Anyway, recently I was playing around with this kind of thing and made this:

Remember, the planets were not supposed to be in a space setting. They were supposed to be in some other sort of creative setting. I guess I will accept the submissions that are in a space setting but I would prefer some other creative setting. Thank You!

Oh… I kinda misread that bit, oh well, I can’t do anything in blender on this laptop keyboard anyway, it’s too awkward.

Here’s my entry.

Where are all the submissions? Doesn’t anybody want a free website?

I’m already busy with something special it’s just not finished

I’m not in it for a free website anyway, I just wanted to post my planet pic.

Same here, and i’m working on a non-space based pic too…

Alright. I just wanted to know that people hadn’t forgotten about this.

placeholder :D!

me 2 just having an idea