Creative writing, by burnhard.

I thought I’d share this piece, entitled

Yesterday the chicken in the backgarden

Out in the backgarden
The chicken that lived
I saw, I thought it had lips.
I asked the question
To myself alone
Do chickens have lips?
I speak now and laugh
Many a time I thought this
It wasn’t a pair of lips.
Just a vegtable, stuck
inbetween its teeth.

That’s probably the weirdest poem I have ever heard.
But it is not bad at all. I like it a lot.

Once again this prove that poetry can be fun and is not always about romance.

Keep on posting!


thanks for responding. I cannot honestly tell you why nobody would enjoy it! Thanks again.

This poem makes me laugh. Having the priviledge of, had, owning 4 hens. Written months ago on some paper. It was a ‘ok let just write anything that comes in to your head’ moment. It also doesn’t delve into the complex issue of my social life, which is a welcome change.

Creative indeed. :smiley:

For some reason, it reminded me of when I was a little kid and I had my own scrawny little rooster for a pet. I wonder when he died…