Creator needed for random objects, bags, rings, shoes

Looking for some more creators for regular work to add to our team. The rate for simple objects 15-20$ USD.
Requested files are AO + UV + OD + PSD files + Obj + Blend + Open Collada .dae files.

You can contact me here or at [email protected]

I would be interested. Sent email.

I would also be interested. Here’s my portfolio:
Sent e-mail.

message sent

RIPP is ready to go

I’d be interested as well, and sent you an email too.

Interested, Pls check your in box.:slight_smile:

Has anyone gotten any replies?

Nope, not me.

He is a Second Life item Reseller.

Why can’t people just be clear and honest, right from the start?

I understand:
AO (Ambient Occlusion)
UV (UV coordinates, so unwrapped mesh to apply a texture)
PSD (Photoshop / Coral Draw Project File)
OBJ (Wavefront 3D model format)
BLEND (Blend File)
DAE (Collada 3D model format)

But i never heard about OD-Files. Anyone knows what that is?
He also didn’t mentioned under which license he is going to buy the Items?
Well if anybody worked with him, it would be nice to share your experience here :slight_smile:

I received one reply from the OP, but it was with their clothes. I replied to both in an email. Never heard back since the initial reply.

Hi there everybody, i have received allot of answers and i am going trough them slowly because it takes time. I responded to all the emails sent just did not have time to get back to the forum until now. I did try outs with a few people that were non conclusive. Currently waiting for demos with Jross. And will continue from there. OD is overall diffusion = textures sorry if that was not clear.

I can model random objects

Here’s our cases: