Creator vs. Destroyer Demo

This is my game I’ve been working on that a friend of mine calls Creator vs. Destroyer. It was only supposed to be a test for the Blender Game Engine but is turning into this.

It is a two player game. The Creator/angel is controlled with the arrow keys, and the Destroyer/demon with WASD. When the angel touches the little man in the middle the man will multiply, and the demon will make the men disappear when he touches them.

I’m trying to make a population counter so that if it reaches zero the demon will win, and if it reaches whatever number I decide on, the angel will win. Haven’t quite got that figured out yet. I also am having troubles with spawning the two characters after the countdown once you start the game. They are parented to an empty that actually has the physics applied to it, and even though it isn’t a rigid body it acts like it is after I move it to the first layer. On the fifth layer I took out the timer and the spawns so that you can see how they should be moving around.

Any comment or help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Download the .blend here.

concept is kinda cool. even though it’s just a test. it’s pretty fun. you might beable to make something greate with this if you try. possibly add a slight delay between each creation?

I like the idea. Yah like tikki said a delay would definitely be needed, also how about making the game area bigger but make the little people walk in random directions?

Nice idea though, I really like it.:slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments.
After some more reading around on these forums I found out that the reason my characters roll after they are spawned on the first layer is because of an “Add Object Memory Leak” or something like that. So I guess I will have to try to work more on my fifth layer.
I’m not quite sure how I will do the delay yet, but a bigger game area would be pretty easy. Do you think I should work on kind of an environment with hills and little peasant houses or something, or just leave it as a big box?
Also, with having the people walk around randomly… I think they would do the rigid body rolling if I tried that since it would be the same thing as spawning my characters.

I took a look at it. The game concept is very clever and was fun even as a test; however, I would recommend that if you make it into a full game that you should add more features like tools that fly around randomly that will help you complete the game. I think this will be a fun button presser when it comes out as a full game.