Creature 0.2

This is a new project I’m working on fr 2 purpose.

I want to have a try on a process to paint/sculpt high frequency detail in blender using OPENGL and Cycles baking and showcase it through my first tutorial.

Create and advanced animation of this character for my own promotion.

Sculpted with the latest dyntopo that is for me the awesomest enhancement of the new blender 2.71.
Retopo with Contour addon (if you have 30 bucks just buy it, it’s awesome…)

Multiresolution had been skrinkvrapped on the sculpted mesh.
I need to make some cleaning on different artefacts and proceed with detail sculpting.

The model, the mesh and the topography are looking nice. Good start.

Yes, your creature and topology are looking good! Very nice presentation, and I’m looking forward to seeing your animations and tutorial!

I have a question, how do you achieve the rim/edge light along every edge? Is it just many lights for edges, or something special?

Nice monster very aggressive looking good work.

This is really good! He has an interesting face.


Well… It’s just the glossColor pass.
As I use Fresnel to blend it to the diffuse fo clay render, It give me this pass.
I just add it with Superposition in Photoshop and brush it alittle.

IF you want nice use of it in blender Post pro.
Just add it to your Picture Mixing it using the Shadow as a factor.
It will avoid hilights in the darkened area. :slight_smile:

This the gloss col pass.


…And here it is combined.
I need to continue detrail sculpting and then I will give a try to my high frequency detail Painting.

Ah, of course, I didn’t even think of using the fresnel node for this! Thank you for that informative tip!

Detailing in progress…

The details take shape very well. I like it.

Detail sculpting and high res sculpt done.

I’ve used 4 level of multi res modifier and then swithed to Bumpmap painting using GLSL rendering

Great result! nice details pieriko