Creature Assault

Hi, it’s been a while since my last post
I’d like to come back with this one!
A scene made in a couple of weeks in my free time.
Everything was modeled in Blender
Rendered in Cycles, 1000 samples (with the denoising activated)
Post processed in Gimp


I like it,well done

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Good work, I really like the concept, well textured, and good use of lighting to create the focal element. I think if you added some kind of ‘war fog’ it would really add to the scene :grinning:

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Looks nice.

But. The scene looks very empty. There is just not much to look at or that fills the empty spaces. The floor for example is way to empty and clean. Also the Water looks like jelly and the Sealing Breach looks to clean. There is no Dust and there is not enought Debirs. The Creature looks like it comes out of the Floor and i really have no idea where this is. Like a Subway ? No. A Secret Goverment Resarche Building ? Maybe but what kind of weak ass floor is this then ?
What i want to say is, fill the scene !

But again. Looks good.

This is very nice! The details are great, and it looks like a still from a movie.

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Right now, “the spot where the action is” is filled with “Cycles mist.” And there’s a distracting spotlight directly below his head (when “the brightest and most-contrasty thing in the picture” should obviously be the creatue itself). The stage-lighting in this scene needs to focus our attention instantly onto the creature’s head and gaping teeth; secondarily upon his body and the space beyond; third on the humanoids who are about to make their last stand. Lighting will be a vital story-telling device.

Thanks for your comment, Mr_Science. You’re right, I’ve changed the point of view so many times that I ended up leaving that big empty space right in the front of the scene, and yes, the water is too jelly-like (I think that the Denoising doesn’t help much with some shader). About the location, I thought about a basement of some sort of future-building, but looking at the final render I didn’t give enough suggestions about what kind of place it is.
Thanks a lot for all your advices. Hope to do better next time :grinning:

Hi, sundialsvc4, thanks for your comment.
I agree with you when you say that the light is a vital story-telling device, but I think that the story could be different from the one you read.
I’ve kept the focus on the man in the foreground and left the creature in the fog, with the muzzle flash that disturbs the view, because I want the viewer to feel the fear and the uncertainty of the soldier near the camera. I also want the viewer to think “What would I do if I’ll be there? Run away? Try to save my comrade?”
Thanks again for your comment and suggestions.

You’re #featured! :+1:

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this is an amazing work,


Very cool!

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