Creature: CANKLES

Cursorily Adaptive Natively Kinetic Lethal Engagement Symbiote %

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This came about from a sketch I did a while ago & entitled Cankles, hence the oppressive acronym. Still working with basic materials & have to add some detailing to the model, like a neck, and, uhm… stuff. I’m also thinking about changing the big shoulder discs, they’re sort of a remnant from an earlier arm design, do they make sense to anyone? I think they look cool but I’m not certain they make any sense mechanically, having a hard time getting rid of them.

This is my first time rendering with yafray, I’m liking the results compared to the internal renderer on this one. The angular map is one of [email protected]’s, it was posted in this thread. Here’s the same render with Glow & Multiply added in the video sequencer… I wish there was a way to adjust the factor of multiplying, etc… in the sequencer, it’s coming out quite dark but I think it makes the metal look great.

cool! put a bubled helmet over his head that would make it more real looking! (well not biotec but more symbiotec!) that way you could delete the head too (if you wanted to make the helmet black mirrored and not clear glass!) :wink:

Thanks, that’s a cool idea! I’ll do some tests later & see how it looks. I want it to seem to be sort of all-purpose environmentally, it’s meant to be like an advanced mechanized armor suit, with the pilot hidden away in the torso. Atleast that’s what I was thinking when sketching it.

The shoulder discs do make an amount of sense mechanically (have you ever tried to build a mechanical socket system? Possible, but not by any means easy) - but you might want to consider detailing some kind of restraint system on them.

I think an additional helmet would make it look silly.

Speaking of mechanicals systems, put some hydraulic toobs’n’stuff in. Or maybe I’m just a sucker for the semi-industrial look?

The original arm design was all exposed hydraulics… it looked cool, but talk about not making sense mechanically, mostly due to my lack of mechanical knowledge. I’ll keep your comments about the discs in mind when I get back to modelling. I was originally going for the look you speak of but decided on a more streamlined, contained look.

So, you think an additional helmet would be silly… How about a lovely sun hat for when it gets shipped off to the warmer climes of a Mercury-like planet? :wink:

I hope you keep this going. I’d like to see how this turns out. Nice work.

hey looks really cool, do you know who tim burton is, it reminds me of some of the models in nightmare before christmas, the way you have the proportions, very cool dude

Render looks great. And I love the concept. No crits here.

Thanks for the compliments, especially the Burton comparison. I’ll get back to work on this soon - been goofing around with YafRay all day. Going to be refining some parts a bit as I’m planning to rig this for animation, then will go into texturing after I’m certain the model is complete.

Render update in 1st post.
Working on the legs, still need to hit the upper body & overhaul the shoulder area.

I’m getting a bit obsessive about making this look more complex/functional & will likely be going back over the whole model in this manner.