Creature Character (needs a name)

OK, so the title doesn’t do it justice…

My recent WIP is like this creature “guy” but he’s friendly (not monsterous…)

Aaand, he’s gonna be in a short film that I’m making (approx 5 minutes, once I decide on the story).


Click on the link above to see a larger picture… you can rate the picture at the bottom of that page. Please do so, I’d like to get some idea (other than comments) of what the general populace’s opinion is.

He’s all rigged an everything, I plan to use him in a short…

All he needs now is a name (the last two ideas I had were “Blorch” and “Jack”)

Anyway, opinions? Questions? Comments please, Constructive Criticism too? thanks.

Nice one, Blurp or something would I call him :P. But on thing is that I should delete all the arms and legs and just go with the body. That would be an awsome creature :wink:

I would cal him: Yapa (Yet another Pixar animal) :wink:

Heh, maybe! …perhaps… I should work for pixar!! (/sarcasm)


cal it Bob :slight_smile:

I like him.

He looks like a “Spork” (His friends call him “Sporky”)

Nice one but i agree with Blurp

i aggree with yapa or drip :-?

looks exactly like that dude from monsters inc

flurp sounds good

Call it Bob, thats the first thing I thought when I saw it.

The monicre “Bob” is the most cliched thing you could do, and it fits wonderfully.


I like it, simple yet has character.