Creature concept

I hope you had a wonderful Crimbo and the new year follows suit,
Here’s a little fella that will end up in a larger project, not the textures though.
Pretty basic really, all procedural textures with a little displacement, soft glow and noise added post-pro, as always C & C’s welcome.

Thanks for looking

oooh very nice

Nice model but the skin is like a pear surface. Too “vegetable” i guess for one alien creature.

This is really good. A lot of work went into this.

Boy, I guess I was a little immodest in thinking I had skill in Blender. Here I am thinking I’m a big man on campus and I look at everything everyone is doing, and it makes me a little embarrassed. :o

Nice creature, though his centre of gravity feels a little off, perhaps that’s his pose though?

Jeepster: Thanks

B65ISP: Thanks, I will be aiming for a much darker lizard like skin for the main project so the lure stands out a bit more.

JDaniels: Thanks

deadlyjumpingjonny: Good crit, he/it does have a small tail, although not really enough to counterbalance the huge head, (see screenshot below).

I like it. It looks pretty cool. I would like to see it in the “larger” project your talking about. The texture on his antenae doesn’t seem to go with the rest of him though, but, as you said it’s not the final texture. Are the ends supposed to be illuminescent?

Omg thats so cool! :smiley: Great concept.