creature factory download

where can i download (preferably not torrents) or watch online the Creature Factory training dvd?

Is there even a way? I know you can get the BBB & Elephants Dream dvd contents, but creature factory…

i know there is online videos of Learning Character Animation Using Blender (training dvd 3).
arent these training videos supposed to be open source as well?

Creature factory is very much a for-profit dvd. To download it for free would be cheating it’s talented creator out of money, which ain’t cool.

i thought all blender training dvds are open source and free.

I’m sure it is out there somewhere…

Not the training DVDs. You can go to the blender eshop and by them.

If you need a training DVD like Creature Factory support the Blender Institute and buy it from their store, some of that money could be used to improve the fantastic software you get for FREE WITH NO CATCH OR LIMITS.

They probably should’ve thought of that before they gave it a license that specifically permits redistribution, eh?

At least you didn’t use the ‘theft’ strawman…

You mean the fact that they released the training DVDs under the Creative Commons license?

Found on both Creature Factory page and the Venom’s Lab DVD page.

The videos and all files on the DVD are freely licensed as Creative Commons. DVD revenues will be used to support future Open Blender projects.

I myself have these DVDs, it took me a while before I saved up for them but I finally did and I enjoyed them both :slight_smile:

The Blender Institute published DVD are all free to be shared, but I guess the confusion comes from that not all the training material to be found in the e-shop is as freely(or freely at all) licensed.

ok, ok, i dont mean to start a flamewar. :slight_smile:
i agree that one should support the BF, i just wanted to test drive a few chapters of the DVD first.
anyway, i appreciate the information.

I can definitely pitch for the factory though, it is a good get! :wink:

alas sadly don’t have my DVD at hand right now, loaned it to a friend,
but otherwise wouldn’t mind uploading a few clips perhaps to vimeo.

Also, I’m guessing that you have already checked the preview clips at the e-shop?

i think the problem with vimeo is that they only accept clips uploaded by their respective authors, perhaps i can upload a few some time…

wysiwyg: i’ve seen some of the dvd videos pop up on youtube (in horrible quality), you might be able to find something there. of course it’s also on rapidshare, but i’ve only seen full dvd rips so far.


It is downloadable via torrent, but the download times are horrible because there are not many seeders:

Now I’m confused about the movies being free to share or not…

And I don’t like being confused, so I bought them.

Creature Factory signed by Andy (collectors item, mine! mouhahahhaar)
and Venom Labs (still need to get the occasion to have it signed)

Liked them both a lot.

Any Blender Institute production film, game or training wise,
so far has been CC-BY-SA, so freely shareable. has Creature Factory streaming, as well as Mancandy Faq and other stuff.

Still would recommend purchasing the DVD’s though. Better quality video, all related source files, and of course support for our favorite foundation.