creature factory question

Hello -
I have been slowly dissecting Creature Factory…My question is when I run the
prelude.blend file it writes a Scene.exr file to my tmp folder and then reads it. This is
displayed in my dos command window.
I know what a .exr file is and I know how to create and use them. But in Andy’s prelude.blend file he has his output set to jpg. So, I took one of the .exr files and render it on a plain. It was part of his mountain range. So my question is to anyone familiar with Creature Factory where in 2.49 is Andy writing and reading the .exr files. I cant find it (output format is set for jpg)…

Well I found my own answer, the save buffer was on which saves all samples for full sampling in render layers (FSA).
This is for -------- best Anti-aliasing

hey thanks Darin…your welcome Darin.