Creature Factory

does anyone have he creature factory dvd, im planning on buying it on april 1st along with a couple genomworkshop dvd’s [ is the dvd kickass or what, it looks pretty bad to me ]

i have most of the printed blender books, except the 2.3 manual which they have a the central library downtown… but they don’t teach much about detailed renders, as it looks to me that creature factory does…

seattle grunge static PUNKS

I bought it when it was released. I can highly recommend it, a lot of gems in there. If for nothing else, it is amazing to see how quickly some capable hands (Andy) can work in Blender :slight_smile:

+1 to the word. :slight_smile:

same here, it’s an amazing resource. i keep it as golden knowledge.

It is a bit hard to follow, not very educative. Some of parts are very long, and the example material textures have far too big file sizes. (And personally I did not quite liked Larry, but it may be because he’s just kind a cyber-dog robot…) There is an old torrent online with everything in rar-files, and I tried to make a new one without packing (for easy to choose the files, don’t know if it succeeded.):, and there may be some parts visible at video sites if you want to watch how it looks like.

Yet stil I’d like to say it IS a good DVD.

Or you can buy it in the Blender store for $35 USD.

I was wondering about that, does that specific creative commons mean we can just redistribute and download from wherever we like, or is that illegal?

your free to redistribute.