Creature - first try with sculpting

i started this project a week ago watching and reading tutorial about sculpting

here’s my basemesh

this my progress in sculpting

my reference

modeling the armor


It looks good but how is he going to stand up? I think hes far too skinny. Now he looks like hes just going to fall down and break in half. Maybe give him wings or something? Either way nice sculpting.

I love the sculpting, it’s incredible.

I can see what TheNewGuy is saying, but I can only imagine once he’s rigged / animated, it will all come together. I thought from the first few renders that it might have walked on all fours (Like the creature from the new War of the Worlds…except with four legs), but now it has blades for arms…I’m not sure. It does remind me of the creatures from Star Wars (The ones on the cloning planet) or maybe the ones from the end of A.I.

Still, looking forward to seeing it completed. You planning on putting it in a scene or just practicing sculpting?

I think he’ll be able to stand… he’ll just carry his weight different. Are you using masking to get the armor to meet up so nice?

I tried to sculp the hand and feet but it turns out to be ugly. this is my first serious attempt in character modeling and sculpting. There are so much to learn.

At first i just want sculpting to try new things but then i think it would be awsome to put it on a scene.

i just edge model with ‘face snap’ and ‘project on surface’ both turned on, same as when you retopo your hires model.

Looks cool, you made the super skinny thing work.

today i started retopologizing my model and i’m getting a hard time with it :mad: