Creature head: rigged for animation now with fixed movie link. See the new Movie!

Animation Test (please see this one)

Youtube link
More details through out forum.
and for your amusment:
the blend file is now found on my website
now with textures!!! (including the bump and spec! I forgot to pakage them hehe…)

Original Thread:
hey new model, box modeled it, just a doodle, I kinda like it, so I will see what will come of it.


a tiny update


really fast UV test, just to see if a texture would stretch, it didn’t. good night


Another modeling and texture update, this time I actually made an effort on the texture. And adjusted the SSS.


Decided to play around with the mesh in sculpt mode


I love talking to myself

me too =)…haha… its really nice… olny crit i have is that the lip…is weird…(kinda) and the eyes holes r small…prolly would look better with eyeballs.and a green glow to them…

Weird, it really reminds me of Davy Jones from pirates of the Caribbean for some reason…

minus the tenicles. I started this with him in mind, but I changed that thinking from the beginning. I just want to make a realistic creature.

only crit i have is that the lip…is weird…(kind of) and the eyes holes are small…probably would look better with eyeballs.and a green glow to them…

paraphrasing of course :stuck_out_tongue: but yes the bottom lip is odd without the sculpting, but with it I think I filled it out. and I will adjust the eyes see how they look larger. That though might make him look likeable. Rule of thumb the larger the eyes the warmer the character will be precieved.

ok i cant wait till an update =)

yeah just add some tetacals (spelling) or deads…dreads would be sweet!:evilgrin:

normal map works! yay! this is the low res model.


NICE!!! r you going to make a body to go with it?? if u are and u do hair…make him have like moldy greenish white dreads…=) haha…
Crits…i would take some of the wrinkles off the eye…

I think you need to even out the folds… If the eyes are that wrinkly, the rest of the face should have some creases too. Other than that, great work!

yeah i agree

I’d love to see some meshes or even a .blend to play around with or look at… I’m interested to see how you got the creases looking the way they do.

thriidea…would u agree that it would look good with dreadS?

I must say, it most likely would…:stuck_out_tongue:

yeah…it would be kind a hard tho…well for me…im a really bigg noob

dreads? hmmm, thats just might work. Oh here a displacement test, its why the head looked unbalanced, now the mouth wrinkles protrude as well