Creature head.

Thought I’d start another little project for a bit of fun and wanted to get into yafaray (which I’m really liking).

Started by sculpting a head in zbrush which I’ve brought into blender and played around with some yafaray settings. Still quite a bit to do as I’m going to make more of an illustration from this now (initially I was just looking for something to do).

Stuff that still needs doing - eyes, textures, drool dripping from tongue etc, environment, depth of field.

Thanks for looking.


This is awesome! The only thing I see is I think the tongue is too straight. You’re not going to go any farther than the head? Not even a neck?

Woa scary head
Nicely done though!
Yeah, are you not doing the body? :frowning:
Would be pretty cool I think!

looking nice :wink:

Hey thanks for the comments guys. MikeH - you are right about the tongue, I’ll sort that.

I reckon I will need to do some kind of neck for the final illustration.

Very nice and scary, a very good mix between a gray and an orange EBE I think …

Bit of an update. I decided to quickly add a collar rather than spend time on a neck, reckon I’ll have a quick look at the eyes and add some drool hanging of it’s tongue and then call it a day.

Thanks for looking guys.


The combination of lots of pointy teeth, a pointed tongue, red eyes, and menacing stare really works together here, I wouldn’t want to run into him in a remote area especially if he was twice my height or more.

Too bad Yafaray has no way of doing SSS effects yet, it really would add a bit to the head.