Creature Macice

(out dated pics removed, see later posts)

Here is something i am working on. It is supposed to be “basemesh” for entire race of creatures (Humanoid, Intelligent). After i have finished this one i’ll take the base and modify it to have differend “forms” for males and females… and individual faces for sevarl persons of both genders.

I tryed to get somesort of shot of the SS wires… but… eh… it aint that good. Hope its clear enought for now tho.

Any tips regarding shapes of the creature are welcome.

hehehe, front view looks menacing but the other views make it look kinda cute in a way. nice work!

Note: The poly topology around “cheek” is now bit cleaned (doesnt show in the picture, but incase someone was going to comment about it)

Uh… Shapekeys? Remember to always save a copy of your mesh before experimenting with shapekeys… otherwise you might mess it up!!

… are you looking for tips on shape keys or tips on shapes? hmm…

Oh yes… and nice model!! :wink:

It looks more regal than menacing or cute. Like a prince from a noble race of space dogs, or rats. No, a few years back, when I was a teenager, there was a series (a cartoon series), from the creators of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, called Biker Mice From Mars, that’s what it looks like, one of the biker mice. Still, great job, :yes:.

I am aware of this. TBH, i was trying to avoid that look, but the “race description” of these guys pretty much match the Bikermice… :S

Yes i was just talking about Shapes… Not shape keys.

Anyway here is slight update. Some work on ears and polytopology.
(outdated pics removed)

Hmm… still love your work! :wink:

By the way… what’s wrong with biker mice from mars!!!.. I was enslaved to that!

To Eradicor: Well TBH, after visiting a few sites, it really doesn’t look too, too much like them after all, it just for some reason or other reminds me of them I guess, (well it is a big sentient rat after all). But still the ears on the second one helps to widen the difference in appearance a lot. Still a great job, keep going.

To 3sie 3wiel: Nothing, I liked the show myself, and I was about 18 when it first aired (1993 I believe).

To Eradicor: On the second Creature Macice, either the size or the positioning of the pupils kind of makes it look cross eyed.

Yeah i used to watch biker mice too when i was young. I remember liking the show.

Aye… The shadow makes it bit croseyed looking… I might fix it by moving the centers of the eyes outward a bit.

To Eradicor: Well no matter how it looks (the eyes), it’s still a far better effort than I can put out so far on a natural (in this case not so natural, but still somewhat human), face. I mean even without skin, it looks fluid and life-like, it even appears to have emotions, sort of.

indeed, it looks ‘cross eyed’, but as you said giving the eyes a proper rotation would fix that… :slight_smile: other than that the three poles there are something im not much of a fan of… esp the 3-edge pole… :wink:

Ok, i tryed bit differend solution to the topology. Dunno if its much better.

Okay. Slight update on this project. I am still working on the topology to get it nearly just right.

Here is the latest:

There are some N-Poles, but i am not sure are they on “critical” areas. I managed to get the mouth form perfect loops around the lips to inner mouth. Ears are now looped (cept, details).

C&C welcome