Creature Modeling Series

Hi People: For all you guys that pre-ordered the Creature Modeling Series from Kent, check your e-mail. I just downloaded my copy and can’t wait to commence operations.

Downloaded mine earlier but I’m in the middle of the architectural series. I did happen to quickly check a few videos from each zip file and it looks like the timelapse stuff is at a decent pace which is nice.

I didn’t buy it,but it would nice to hear some reviews,how are you guys liking it?

Can’t speak for this training, but if it the same quality as the Animation bundle it is well worth the price.

Hi: I’ve been finishing up some photo and video retouching projects for a couple of friends of mine lately, but I did a quick investigation of the series and really liked what I saw. Even though I’m not going to do this commercially, I’ve already found a lot of usefull info as far as the modeling aspect goes. And as for the timelapse videos, there is also a normal speed one that explains, in detail all of the steps involved. I got in for the pre-orders for $38, but even for $48, or $54 for the DVD as well, it’s well worth the money. I’ll probably wait for the 2.66 stable version with the Dyntopo before I actually start this one.

@GLakie: Thank you for starting this thread and the positive response :slight_smile:

@ng-material: Adventures in Blender recently posted a review if you’re still interested!