Creature of the Deep... please critique.

Note: This is not an octopus… just a mysterious creature designed to give an ominous feeling.:eyebrowlift:

I’m not sure if I should add some rocks in the foreground, but that’s what this forum is for.
What do you think:

I give you some of your own advice: Add some water particles, bits of plankton whatever, make it feel more like water.
It’s got a very good feel at the moment but i always think there is something disappointing with a back lit silhouette.

Touché. Indeed I tried to add some floating stuff with a texture in the node editor, but I failed miserably… maybe the particle system is the way to go.
About the backlighting, it is bit cliché, and I tried to offset that with the light from above (not that light beams are any less cliché). So yes, it still needs work.
Thanks for your reply, and I shall keep blending…

Ok, easier than I thought:

Looking good but… If this is deep sea then the lights from above won’t show.

what are the light supposed to be from? submarine? something looks a bit funky about them

musk: Thank’s. It’s not necessarily deep sea.:wink:
BionicGordon: You mean the background circular lights? If yes, then yes, they are supposed to be from some type of underwater vehicule…

I bit of post-pro… trying to achieve a more murky, underwater look.

The post-pro looks much better. Try moving the background onto another renderlayer and adding some node-based glow to it. Should make the lighting a little more dispersed like in water. Just a thought.


Looks good, but the particles look to big/blurry, maybe make them crisper ;). The creature itself looks a bit bland, a better texture or more deatail perhaps? and nice post pro :).

Love the post pro’d version, its looking very good.

A tip about the particals, you should try adding several different types of particals with different hardnesses and dimentions. I’d also have some of them able to receive light, some self illuminating and some self darkening.

ZapperJet: I did that already actually, but I can blur it more ;). More blur is always better!*

otto riis: Yes, I suppose some nice bumpy gnarly skin would work. I did do a bit of sculpting on it, but the sss pretty much eliminated any small details.

: Thanks, and I’m thinking your particle idea would work. Would give the impression of different types of stuff floating around.

*Statement not to be taken seriously.

it’s looking good, now!
maybe some sss on the creature would add a little more realism?

Phrangkk: Thanks! (But there is already SSS… quite a bit of it! Should I add more? (I always think it’s overused, but maybe not in this case…?))

New render coming up hopefully by the end of the day, I’ve now added multires to the creature (approx. 700 000 verts now, compared to 800) and am still sculpting some details.
EDIT: Scratch that last… will get back to this on monday. Technical difficulties :wink:

Looks great, I wouldn’t bother with adding surface details, instead model some internal organs, like stomach, brain, intestines or whatever and make the skin slightly transparent. Maybe not so much you can see inside, but enough so that the organs show through a little. will give more complexity whilst still keeping the clean smooth texture of an undersea beastie.

Also ditch the SSS, as you say, it’s often overused and in this case transparency would give a better feel.

I would have thought that SSS (like that from the Davey Jones’ beard) would be ideal, especially at the point that the lights are obscured by the body/tentacle.
I would agree that the top side rays of light are a bit odd, if this is at depth. And wouldn’t some of the rays be obscured beneath the creature as it casts a shadow.

Would love an animation of this (hellish IK chain I guess), can imagine it swirling past the lights tentacles searching for tasty morsels.

Really like it BTW

Have you tried it without the top lighting? It just seems off. Since the light is not spread over the entire image, it must be coming from an artificial source rather than the surface, but it doesn’t have the right color or sharpness.

The hexapus looses some of it’s ominousness by being so well lit.

The lights in the background appear to be wrapped around some circular thing. Perhaps you could put the circle around the beastie with the lights pointing inward, which would allow you to get in some side lights when the top light is turned off. The top of the creature and the tips of some of the tentacles can be lost in shadow.

you know this is actually quite good, painterly looking…

howhigh is your osa
it looks a lot like rain because of the particals and streeky lighing

thats really nice…i think maybe the rocks might help by adding more to the picture - i.e. making it more intresting and if you do it right more dreary