Creature - Update June 24 - Pg. 4

Well, not too sure where this is going yet, but it will end up somewhere good, I hope. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just the start of the eyes and blocking in the head. Not much to comment on yet, I guess.

Check back tomorrow for updates.


Nice eyes :o

yah i was going to say the same most of the eyes on the head models are pure whight and dont look good these look angry its good

its good so far. how did you made so realistic eyes???

I think he used that tutorial then made them reflective

Yea, very nice eyes. if the won´t look s human and realistic id say this could be one of those pig dudes from star wars. What are the calld gamorians or something like that.

Looking forward to see how you go on with this


I agree, looks great so far. Those eyes are awesome.

Yes, definitely like ones. So I bet it would end up as anything but them. :slight_smile:

With those eyes, it seems like they belong on a creature that spends a great deal of time in the dark. Diseased goblin? Windows Administrator? :smiley:

Either that or any party reptile in college.

Teeth and lots of drool seem called for, too.

Kind of a quetion/critique… (not sure which at this point) … Don’t irises look a bit more translucent? Would a smidgen of SSS go well here?


Also, light emitting from the eyes faintly might be radical too. Just ideas.

And oh, yeah… nice so far. Will be watching.

:o wow if those eyes where red and glowing with very little light in the room it would be scary

Looks very promising, BgDM. And reminds me a bit of the Mystery Man in Lost Highway ;).

I’m looking forward to updates.

I like those eyes, I need some like that for my model

Update + Wire:

Head is blocked in and I am now cutting in the details. Have to smooth out the bottom eyelids. Too puffy right now.

shul: Thanks.

Blur11: Thanks too.

sfmanga: Thanks. The eyes are basically done the same as the eye tute at blenderchar website. But with a few of my own little shader tricks. :wink: The iris is a UV mapped texture with some NOR on it as well. The whiter eyeball part havs a UV mapped texture as well for the veins, some spots, etc. Then, just turn on RayMir for the material and play with the settings to get a reflective, wet look.

ChuChu: Thanks. LOL! Yeah, the first one does kind of look like a Gamorian Gurd from SW. But not now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Arowe: Thanks.

Trident: Indeed. :slight_smile:

critter: Maybe a goblin type creature. Sure. The drool is a definite idea, due to the overlapping top lip. Would be a pain to keep all that in his mouth. :wink:

thoro: LOL! Now those are some huge eyes!

qwed88: As I said above. Just basically the same as the blenderchar tute. Just follow that and you should be fine.

Thanks for all the nice comments guys.

Likely another update later today.


:o :o LOL :o :o :o

what the hell is that its halerious i love it can you give me the blend file

That must’ve been SOME industrial accident… :smiley:

lets see the side

And, last one for today:

Blurr11: I may give out the blend file when I am done with it.

critter: LMAO!


side view side view side view :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :< :< :<

OK, OK, OK!!!


:slight_smile: :slight_smile: ahhh :wink: :wink: thanks man (he looks fater then i thought