Creature WIP(update 2004/05/04)

Something new I started. Not entirely sure where I’m going with this. Maybe a LOTR troll-ish type creature. I’ll see how it is after the head is done. Anyways, this is the product of a couple days’ (slow) work.

C&C welcome. Please ignore the mouth area - it still needs a whole lot of work.


For some reason, I can’t help but think of Cephalids from Magic" The Gathering.

The modeling looks to be progressing very well, with all the major details accounted for. I’ll have to wait for a more complete version before judging better.

update: still doing alot of work on the lower facial area.

Any more comments/crits so far? (I know about the seems; the joining of the two halves is only to see better how it should look).

Very nice.

No crits from me, keep working!

I love the details, but it seems a little flat from the screenshots you’ve given us. Other than that, keep on keepin on.

I think somehow now it really looks like something you modelled only from straight side & front view? Which doesn’t quite work yet. Nice start though.

um…what do you mean by that?

Another update. Both halves of the head are done, as far as I’m concerned. On to the body!

This is looking very nice.

Would it be possible to post up some wireframes for us?


thank you.


More progress:

Very good.

Is the head connected to the body yet? It doesn;t look like it lines up properly and the connection looks weird.

I like the progress on this.



lol I know, I have to fix the connection of the head to the neck. Still working on that section.

Superduper! Can’t wait to see this guy finished.

Can you post a non-subsurfed wireframe???



Looking really good :smiley: Thou I think he ought to look a bit meaner, unless of course your going for the “nice troll” look. Which is of course perfectly fine.


and thus…turtleman was born!

good work, keep it up.


Wire without subsurf, as requested:

Another update on the torso. Still needs some tweeking, but this is essentially what it will look like.

Very nice detail, the face especailly.

I’m wondering, are you working with a sketch or is this all free modeling? I’m wondering because it seems you’re detailing him section by section. This may be troublesome to the character as a whole; you may want to rough him out more in his entirety as opposed to section by section.

Don’t get me wrong, the musculature and proportions are looking good; so maybe you should stick to your own personal workflow.

You also should curve in the surface of the lips, this will give them the illusion of being more full.

Good job.

zbgump - thanks for the reply. I’m using some images of the Trolls from LOTR as a basic (And I mean really basic) template for the over all anatomy, but I’m taking a whole lot of liberties on the way, so it should look nothing really like it.

I don’t really know what you mean by my technique, but it seems to be working for me so i’ll stick with it until something goes wrong :wink:

Thanks for the reply!