Creature WIP

I’m working on a little naste creature. I am planning to do some detailed texture work, but before I start on textures I’d like to hear some suggestions before I proceed though about the model. Anything will do…




I did the wire “hidden line” view by turning on Wire in the object buttons, going into Shaded view mode and adding a material with Shadeless on and plus the same RBG values as the background. Try it, it works really well and it’s cool for wire views.

in the first picture it kinda looks like he’s standing on the tips of his toes… but other than that it looks good

AHHHHHH… he’s so cute! looks like my sister.


anyways… the only thing that bugs me is the way the arms … connect … . it looks kinda weird.

otherwise totally awesome man.

that is a neat model. crits:
slightly too much regularity in the arms/fingers.
the jowls and chin
other than that he’s great
ps. fantastic idea on the wireframe.

Looks cool. I think the hands are fine.

looks like something from a Lovecraft story…
Like the Deep Ones from Devil’s Reef, except much fatter, and with horns!

Hail Cthulhu! :< Hail the Deep Old Ones! :<

Thanks for the feedback! I changed the chin are a bit:

Here are the feet… They are meant to look a bit strange. They are supposed to be kinda birdlike with webbed feet.

Further comments and suggestion are much appreciated!

A quick render:

Still gotta do the textures… Does anyone have the link yo that UV unwrapper script?

he’s such a cutie!! I like the new chin/jowls much better now. they should look great textured. I like the arm proportions better, too. He looks a little asymetrical, but not too much, that’s great.
I lost my copy of that script and don’t have the link anymore, so if you find it, would you post it?
ps: here’s a quick rundown of my uvmapping workflow:
1- creat material group ‘strips’
2- create RVK’s for a flattened version of each strip
3- select the RVK, do a “from window” mapping with the flattened strip lined up with the viewposrt
4-reapeat 3 until all strips are done
5-move stuff around in the uv-window, "stiching " of strips as needed tohide seams, use a test texture to test for stretching.

On the other hand, if you find that script…

Thanks for the tip! I have started mapping my creature using your method Slikdigit! Very good!

Here is a quick render:
There is still lots to be done about texturing and mapping before it is final…

Here is the texture so far (scaled down heavily):

looks realy cool. but i have a question 4 u. r u gonna add eyes, or leave them black like that?

I intend to add eyes. I think I will make them yellow with slim pupils. But what would you recommend?

i think that you’ve got a good idea, snake eyes would look awesome. I can’t wait to see him all done.

I noticed you have encountered a classic problem with the webbing,…since it is not connected, once you subsurf, it shrinks, leaving holes. Scaling up that part of the mesh a hair generally will fix that.

I will do that Modron! Thanks for noticing!

I’ll post an update soon!

Here is an update. I’ve worked a bit on the mapping, as well as adding eyes and a material for the teeth.

hey monkeyboi… your creature is coming along GREAT!

are all his teeth gonna be yellow? or is he going for tha gangsta look?

keep it up.

This creature is excellent. The texture is just right, and I love the golden tooth. :slight_smile:

One comment, and this is really a personal choice - the horns on the head might look better if they were a little more dull, to match the rest of the texture. That way, the teeth will be the only bright part. Just an option to try out.

Keep up the great Blend(er)ing.

this is cool— but i think the model looks really squarish. i don’t know about the teeth… i mean if he’s going to be in a movie maybe his teeth should be white :smiley: or if you want to grunge go all grunge plz, and that tooth doesn’t look gold :-? the horns should certainly be a bit more dirty… maybe you should look for some pics reference pics of horns.

nice model man over all i like it :wink: keep up the blending>

Some good points! Yes the horns shouldn’t be that bright. Truth is I haven’t relly started working on them yet.

That tooth is supposed to be a golden tooth, but I’m not sure myself if I like it or not.
Maybe I’ll try to round him off to remove some squareness here and there.

Thanks for the comments, I’ll post an update soon.