hey thanks for the replys

this thread is about 3 months old so i didnt even realize it till today that anyone has even posted on it! i guess people were checking out the signature link from my posts, cool. but i will proably take it out of my signature because most people here are tired of seeing it, :expressionless: , sorry dudes.

blade- samwise is the king (i know you wont get this because your in the navy, get back soon bro we miss your work!)

Pavcioo- i based the teeth off my own, what are you laughing at, haha

Bapsis- thanks for the c+c, the mouth i found is one of the hardest things to model, and texture. i see your points however, and have made many mouth models after this project (which was done in june). i have gotten as far as the teeth gums and back of mouth. but i still have a long way to go before i’m ready for the tounge and other details. thanks for the tips, i will work on the detials.

dhanielc- thanks for the compliments, it was such a huge undertaking to build so i’m glad it turned out well

Grimreaper- thanks for the nice post, i actually dont have this model on my computer anymore, got saved on a disk. i think for the most part i’m done, proably wont have any new shots or scenes, mostly because i got a few different projects to try out, and my modeling and textureing style has changed so much scince this project.

here is somthing new i have been working on. which takes everything i learned from this project, and along with all the good c+c i have gotten. it is more detialed and has softer texturing. i should have him done soon, so far i have the body textured, and head complete and attachec, just have to finish texuteing. if you want you can check out progress here but i have not worked on it for a very long time.

one final note, i will proably change my signature because most regulars on this site are proably tired of seeing it haha, three months of a yellow toothed zombie and your tired of it come on, haha!

The eyes are just too white for green creature wits such a yellow teeth… try to make 'em more yellow as if he got hepatitis, :Z
and the gums shouldn’t be as reflective as the teeth… it looks weird.
otherwise the model is superb.

Hey, you’ve made a awsome mean looking monster and I love it! THe model looks great and the UV map is fabulous!

One point of critics: in my opinion the teeth are a bit big

Very nice