Here is my latest work. Nearly 100% sculpt mode. The red is the original blender internal render and the blue has been post-proed in gimp for the sketched look.
Comment and Critiques would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for viewing my work.“>”>From Blender

I like it!The longer I look the more I see.
The red-black render is better,though,If I look carefully I suddenly see,in this random sequence if colors,a face,and the more I look the more I see.In the sketched look I just see every thing from the begining:)

Interesting, very good, and are those two the same other than the colors? the eye seems to move on the two

On the second one a had to manually smear all of the lines so the shape is slightly different. Just blurring the whole image made it look like it was just out of focus.