Here’s a creature that i’ve been working on for a scene.
I would really love some critique on the design.

Hey man sick design.

Personally i think something is missing it is hard to say what it is but if you think about how this creature would survive how would it find his food or how would he protect itself? lets say he can breath and eat trough that mouth can he also smell??? if so maybe create something to show that. is the creature unable to smell but does he see things??? create eyes or something like that. also if you are in the endphase of your sculpting you should try to add some assymetry. assymetry will make the character more appealing.

looking forward to see your next update!!!

Thanks a lot, davidjaasma, yes you are right about the summetry, i’ll try to break it up a little.

I have actually thought about the physiology of the creature. First of all it’s blind, but it has a keen sense of smell. It moves quietly and it feeds by ripping it’s pray to large pieces and swallowing them.

awesome designs and sculpt work! the only thing a noob like me could comment is if the creature rips it’s pray, it will need some teeth

The idea is that it will rip it’s pray with its hands, swallow it and slowly digest it.
The only reason that i’m explaining all this is because, i have put more thought into this than i should.

Truly horrifying.:smiley: