Creatures / VFX Reel 2012

This is my first ever reel and it pretty much sums up everything I’ve done with blender in the 2 years or so I’ve been using it. Literally everything in the video was made entirely by me, with the exception of a couple of static backgrounds that were downloaded.


(bear in mind that several of these clips are now outdated; I’m aware what’s wrong with them and I’ve moved on since then)

Really nice Ben… I was really impressed with your composting of the creatures into live action footage.

very good, how do you manage to mix the blender animation with real video backgrounds? truly an awesome video.

cool! the effect at 1:58 is my fav :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone!

@jagdpanther all the compositing was done in the node editor, using nodes like AlphaOver, Multiply, Mix etc.

@phantom22 thanks, that was my first experiment with the cell fracture addon :smiley:

If this is a professional demo reel, and you are aware that some clips are outdated/don’t accurately reflect your skill – get rid of them. Only show your best. You will not be judged by the best piece but by the worst.

Also – what are you trying to show a potential employer? Your ability to model ? Show turntables and wireframes. Your ability to texture? Show texture layers. Your ability to composite? Show breakdowns. Your ability to animate? Show more varied actions, with GL renders and frame numbers.

That being said, I think you show a lot of skill. Just need to focus on presentation

It’s not a professional reel, just an assembly of everything I’ve done so far. I’m still in school so I won’t be looking for employment in this sector for at least a few more years, but thank you for your tips, they’re not things that would have occurred to me but I can see that they’d be essential for a professional reel. Thanks!