credit to social

social is my favorite open-source-game-designer-whatever-you-call-it… so i decided to make a game, (a really good game) with his FPS template. it will be a big game project (a really big game) and it will remain sercret until its finished. (a really secret game)
the concept will be delightfuly weird but still revoultionary in look and stlye of gameplay (did i mention weird?).
im not making a HUGE rpg or fps, but somthing that is extreamly fun to play over and over and maybe even once more over again. i expect it will take at least a year to complete. the enimies wont be complex halo style or anything. (why would i do that? already been done by every fps in existance) no,… the enimies will be sooo clever, they will be dumb, and hillaious.
as you can tell this game has a free spirited, nonsensical feel to it and i bet most of you will be really surprised to see what it is when its finally done. but when my social deticated game is done, it will be exactly what a game should be, very fun.
i already started and its looking and handeling great! but i got stuck on adding multiple movements to my NPCs.
how would i make it so that when my NPCs are doing nothing they play a “just stand there” animation cycle, but if i shoot them they stop and play a “die” cycle.
(thanks for the help and sorry for the kiss assy post)

just make an action actuator that plays the “just stand there” and make it loop stop, make it to a very looooooooowwww priority (99)lol and attach it to an always sensor :stuck_out_tongue:

i know how to make somthing animate, but i can only make it play “just stand there” and nothing else. its either “just stand there” or “die” i cant have both can i? its like this,
" just stand there" is a looping ipo animation of a guy causaly shifting his weight side to side looking around and generally scrathing his butt.
“die” is an ipo of a guy falling over, squirming in pain for a second or two, and then just dies.
if i have the “just stand there” ipo i dont know if i can have the “die” ipo when i need it (vise versa)
how do i make an object make a set series of prerecorded movements for the givin situation.
(ie if i do nothing he plays “just stand there” and if i shoot him he stops playing “just stand there” and plays “die” instead)

Sounds like you need to use the Action Editor instead of IPO. You can have tons of different actions for one object.

here an exemple, it was kind of fun to make it lol: here the blend file:
you’ll see why LOL

perfect! thanks

One thing I don’t quite get: How can it be a secret if you just announced it? Well, it doesn’t matter.

While I do appreciate the dedication, I don’t think you posted in the right forum. Announcements fit into the “Works in Progress” section.

Also, if anyone else would like to confess their undying love for me, feel free to do so in this thread. I’ll just need a minute to wipe my ass down with some lemon glow.

You know, to give you kind folks a shiny clean surface that you could all smooch without having to woof down that perturbing aftertaste. :smiley:

*Is he kidding?

I find this utterly weird, first time I’ve seen Social confused XD

NO! We really love you Social! Don’t worry. (Even Poof when he is hungry, trust me)
Specially when you do very clever things such as this FPS template :yes:.

:eek:Wow, first time I ever seen this kind of post before…

Lol, utterly speechless. Wonder, what’s going on nowadays, this didn’t happen before with the other great gurus…

Umm… good luck with your game that’s entirely dedicated to Social :D.

Jason Lin

social, i meant the plot is a secret.
sorry if i freaked you out, but the fps template was a pure sign of resourcfulness and simple “not giving up.”

i dont mean to be a kiss ass, but you deserve a game in your name. and so far, the game is runnig smooth as silk (and its freakin hilarious, ive showed what little ive made so far to my friends and they busted up for at least twenty minutes in the 5 little rooms i made.)
(P.S. oops, i did post it in the wrong forum though, didnt i?)

how do i make social’s weapon semi auto. i dont want it full auto no more, the game gets too easy and it messes up my sound. i dont know which peice of the script to cut and im afraid to touch anything or i might break it. :confused:

You don’t have to deal with any code in that case. Just turn off true level trigger pulsing for the lclick mouse sensor on the viewer object.

oooops… thats true, forgot about that.
anyway i found a way to incorperate the full auto. i used a very creative way to make the sound work too… i wish i could show you but i would spoil everything! i might post a itty bitty demo/teaser to get people guessing about my game, maybe…
one more thing,… your bullet holes… i accidently deleted your room with out seeing how your room accepted bullet holes. now my room i custom made wont take the bullet holes…

oh what to do…

(p.s. the game is still coming along great though, dont think i hit a snag or anything yet)

uhh… download it again, and append what you need?

NO! We really love you Social! Don’t worry. (Even Poof when he is hungry, trust me)

Yea you are definitely right, especially when he coats his ass in lemon glow.
He is the proverbial fruit in my salad :smiley:

My 2 cents:

Seriously, it is very nice that he donates his time to help people. Salute.