This started as little test project and then grew to something bigger. I used the Scatter add-on to distribute my plants on the terrain.
I also made use of Thicket to import some of my trees.
Lighting is done with an HDRI environment (kudos to hdrihaven).
Blender 2.83.5 and Cycles.


here you can see the separation of the fore and background scene, I colored the back in cyan right here. Backgound forest is full 3D too.


Nice work. Some trees looks more dense. Did you change something? Overall, it looks better with higher density.

you mean in the clay render looks more dense? Well, the leaves make use of opacity map - thats one reason why clay version looks more dense.
But with shading/textures turned on, the intense backlight/hdri background seems to outshine the leaves, that is the second reason why the grey render looks more dense.
I am actually not 100% sure why this is, probably this comes from sampling.
By the way - if you look at the trees oin the midground, which have the backgound forest behind them - those are the same trees with same shaders. They still look very dense.
But as soon as they stand directly infront of the HDRI, they look a lot less dense. To a certain degree okay, but actually I wanted to find out why the difference is so huge.

It looks lovely, though can I ask for a version without bloom?

here without bloom


So much better! <3


good job. i also like the version without bloom more.
all plants by yourself?
did you render with cpu/gpu? how much ram did you used/needed?
thx for sharing !

actually when now comparing bloom vs without bloom, I guess I would at last go with less bloom. First I wanted to add some fog, but then thought bloom was good enough - probably not the best decision.
All plants self made, all plant textures self made. Apart from three large rocks, which are barely visible (Quixel) and the HDRI sky, everything is self made.

According to Blender, about 7,5GB - rendered on GPU .

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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thanks a lot!


Really nice. Kind of interesting how some projects just kind of “grow” into something more … no pun intended :wink:

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