creepy alien

i have been working on this for two weeks i completed the bust. the body will come at a later time. when i figure out how many limbs Ghestheria (my aliens name) will have.


Shouldn’t this be moved to the wip section because your still working on it?

no because the bust is complete everything else is a different project

Post some wire, it would be nice to see how is the topology of the head. The material looks to generic, like if you only changed the color. This is a nice tutorial. Here there are a lot of good tutorials . Google is your friend, also the wiki blender.

ok its a very high poly. i think there is like 15 subdivides zero loops and the amazing thing about this head. it was an accident i was trying to model a human head instead i got an alien head. i find that just a really good mistake lol.

Finished Project? Dude, you didn’t even change your background or center the model in the frame. It looks like you hit “Render” and the camera was pointing in the right direction by sheer luck.

if your going to be a smartass you dont have to look at my projects. and to tell you the truth i dont care if YOU think its done the background isnt important to ME. but since you are a blender genius please tell me what did i do wrong and what did i do right?? and with the camera if you even pay attention to whats on the screen you would realize that the camera is set at a 45 degree angle look in the cneter when my image is off center by 50% and the camera is level to it. so that leaves be to believe one thing you dont know a damn thing about the blender setup and what all it has in the startup scene. if you do not like my projects or anything i do you really do not have to look at them or at anything i do from here on out. so if you would please piss of and have a good day thank you

Hey hello,
Is there anyone who might able to help me? I just got the blender program and really want to learn how to work with it, but I never been very good with instructions. Would anyone consider just trying to walk me through some of the basics?

look at the tutorials on youtube,blender cookie and the other websites