Creepy Antique Doll Head + .blend download

I made this creepy little thing as a texturing/modeling exercise. I thought I’d post it here in hopes that somebody might have some fun with it. You can check out a short video of it HERE, and download the file over at - Creepy Antique Doll Head.blend. As always, let me know if you do anything cool with it!

like the texture
and will look at it hope it is procedural textures only!

no it is UV mapping !

i find it quit slow on 2.5 may be i don’t have the best machine but still it is a big file
so is there a way or trikc to make it work faster ?

nice work

Thanks happy 2.5

Thanks RickyBlender,

A couple ideas that may speed things up for you would be to set the Raytrace sampling back to the default 5, instead of ten. Also, on the the Sun lamp, drop the sampling and soft size back to the default value of 1, instead of 10. On my machine this decreased the render time from 19.24 seconds per frame down to 4.96 seconds.

Let me know if you’d that works out for you, there’s a few more tricks I can suggest if it doesn’t.