Creepy Face

(TurboG) #1

After I finished my stone face (no one replied on it in the forums) I started my Creepy Face picture… Go to:

and click on Creepy Face( might be Evil…forgot what I called it) and stone face…I was just wondering what people thought about them but unfortunately I recieved no replies about my stone face…Hopefully more people will reply about my new picture and a little about my old…So…tell me what you think.

Added the good face…Get to it same way you get to the evil one…It is right beneath it

(TurboG) #2

How come my post never get replys?

(harkyman) #3

I’ll reply.

I don’t know if it looks creepy or evil. It has a cartoon friendliness to it, even with the evil red light streaming in behind it.

I like the good face implementation much better. Made me chuckle a little.

(S68) #4


Use better light
maibe more details…

don’t know about the answering number…