Creepy Face

After I finished my stone face (no one replied on it in the forums) I started my Creepy Face picture… Go to:

and click on Creepy Face( might be Evil…forgot what I called it) and stone face…I was just wondering what people thought about them but unfortunately I recieved no replies about my stone face…Hopefully more people will reply about my new picture and a little about my old…So…tell me what you think.

Added the good face…Get to it same way you get to the evil one…It is right beneath it

How come my post never get replys?

I’ll reply.

I don’t know if it looks creepy or evil. It has a cartoon friendliness to it, even with the evil red light streaming in behind it.

I like the good face implementation much better. Made me chuckle a little.


Use better light
maibe more details…

don’t know about the answering number…