Creepy Flash Animation

There aren’t too many things that weird me out, but this thing is STRANGE. Salad Fingers 5 Ok, I’ve shared the misery now…

What’s that in the oven? (you need to see 1-4 to understand the spoon thing).

This isn’t PO-like stuff is it?:confused:



O…Kaaaayy… >_>


There are 7 other episodes, each just as strange/disturbing.

uh…wtf??? i don’t think i will recover from that.
thanks for the link…i LOVED it!!!

I actually know someone like that, well, quite similar. he was raised by his grandfather. wierd.

… lol there’s lots of folks like that.

You guys didn’t know David Firth yet? Tsk tsk tsk. :stuck_out_tongue: j/k

I just love his Burnt-Face-Man vids :stuck_out_tongue: ‘Look, a falling baby, I’ll catch him with my laser vision!’ SPLAT ‘Hmm, seems I don’t have that power’

That’s a bit freaky.

This is the first time I’ve heard of David Firth, Dan. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you not like my mouth words?


episode 2 is alot creepier.
ep 2 gave me the shivers…

Um, yea, he might be a ruler someday.

@Al_Capone: Wha? confuzzled

@LOTRJ: The internet is forever. Stuff is downloaded and archvied. Magazines are forever. this guy, someday, will be older. He will have kids. He may have employees, or be a manager. He will be judged by the body of his work. What if he wanted to become, oh, I dunno, Mayor of some small town? How would he be judged if people dragged this out and said “So, Dave, this is pretty…sick. Can you explain this?”. I would say it would it be a career-limiting move.

Same goes for MySpace pages (e.g. recall recent Miss Universe/America). I think the same of these girls gone wild. They will have children someday. Can you imagine finding nude pics of YOUR MOM on the web. Eech. Your wife, albeit from a younger, sluttier time? How would you judge her?

I don’t pass judgment on the guy in any way, we all have a similar dark side somewhere inside of us. He just happens to express his through eerie flash cartoons.

I studied up on the guy and I found out that Salad fingers is one of his less creepy works, try Spoilsbury toast boy, that one is disgusting and weird

Hmm, Mom as girls gone wild, I will tell here she was hot back then but not to me anymore, hehe.

episode 2 was way more creepy, omg, that shit is fucked up


Cool… :slight_smile:
I would say it’s just plain weird rather than creepy.
Some of his other animations are pretty cool as well… bookmarked! :slight_smile: