Creepy Maze a simple FPS

(Atojesi) #1

Hi made this simple FPS game in BGE

You can download it here

(Nicholas_A) #2

make the text higher resolution, use UPBGE glsl, make the hand look a little nicer, move it to the right a tad, make the view 16:9 so that the player can see more, fix the textures on the walls, add some normals and specularity, and pbr and a skybox and it will look great.

(MichelleSea) #3

I’ve found that you can make the text resolution bigger by increasing the size property of the overlay scene’s camera, and scaling everything up to accommodate. Text in vanilla BGE is a pain.

(Nicholas_A) #4

obj.resolution = 5 is easier

(MichelleSea) #5

Well lookit that, I learned something today.

(Atojesi) #6

thanks for the feedback ive fixed the text resolution and the texture a bit and set the window resolution to 1000x600 and added skybox

(linuxfree) #7

yes you a right