Creepy Russian Neo-nazis

Hi every one,
A few days ago, I saw a documentary on tv about a Russian Neo-nazi political party. It gave me the creep, dudes. I saw young kids (one of them was 13) to give a nazi salute on the market an threatening Tchetchens like if they were sh1t. They sometimes organise raids to beat those people they call “black ass”. The police don’t do much about it and it seems that 60% of the population is for those nazis. I remind you it’s a political party. Man, if they’re elected, they’ll “clean up” the country. And why would they stop with their country boundaries? Hitler was the same.
I realy would appreciate if there was a Russian amongst the community of Elysiun who could explain to me what is realy going on there. Because it was just a documentary. I can’t just rely on that to make my own opinion. I wonder how it’s possible there is so much hate out there.

Neo-Natzis… And how many of their own family members were killed by the origional Natzis?

Don’t say things like that, it won’t even register. You’re dealing with people who only listen to what they want to listen to. They’ll rewrite history to suit their purposes.

like in 1984!!! a must have book, read and get paranoid!!!

I don’t think so. Because they hate Jews just like Hitler’s nazis did. They’ve got books to learn how to recognise a Jude at first sight (which is complete non sense if you think about it). Obviously, it wouldn’t be admitable for any of them to come from jewish roots.

Strange argument.
“Someone’s family was killed by the Nazis therefor he has to be a Nazi himself.”
Nonsense [!] [!] [!]

I think it has something to do with the general situation in Russia.
A few years ago Russia has been a world super power. Now Russia is not much more than a middle power and if they wouldn’t have nukes Russia would be even less important. In addition the Russian economy is weak.
A lot of unemployment, corruption, and general bad conditions for the ordinary people.

Someone has to be responsible for this.
The communist can’t, because as long as they had the power Russia was a super power.
The Russians themselves can’t, because they were always a big, powerful and proud nation, and it would mean to accept own faults.
So, someone else has to be responsible.

Now, what’s more easy than to blame the Jews ( “they always have been responsible for everything”) and the Tchetchens.

This situation has some parallels with Germany after WWI, with the known consequences.

All you need now is a few clever people to organize it, a good propaganda, some stupid people to follow, and a lot poeple looking away.

Facism stems from the need to find a scapegoat in society to blame for all the bad things in a country. Russia has some major problems right now, so it is quiote obvious that this would be happening. Don’t always trust documentaries as it is quiet easy to stretch the truth and lie without getting caught.

Neonazi’s are a problem, but i have faith that the world has evolved enough thatr what happened during the holocaust could not happen again…

That being said, it happens all over the world even as we speak. It wasn’t too long ago that Saddam Huessein was having hundreds of thousands of his own people killed because they would not subscribe to certain religious beliefes…

Look at the united states… If you are a middle eastern man in a turbin, you will basically be grabbed and thrown in prison without trial. Thats not very democratic.

Sorry to get so off topic, but examples of hipocrasy and scapegoating are prevelant everywhere. I am jewish, So i really hope the Nazi’s never make a comeback, but I am not worried. There are problems right next door that need adressing.

I am not suggesting Americans are Nazi’s in the least! I like America. They are our neuighbour. They are a free place to live. They have upstanding morals and defend the weak and innocent… however, it is interesting to look at yourself when looking others… and seeing that it would only take a small push to put you in shadows…

I don’t think so. Because they hate Jews just like Hitler’s nazis did.[/quote]

Well, what ever the case, it’s scary to know there out there.

Uh… I agree. But that’s not what I mean at all.
I mean these “Neo-natzis” don’t seem to care that many Russians were killed by the Natzis. Perhaps even their own relatives. That’s just the logic of hatred, I guess.

Yep. And If we don’t learn from history we are bound to repeat it.

Sorry, for the misunderstanding. :expressionless:


Of course that’s why I made this post. But I wish I could have any feed back from Russian people.
At least, I had a Jewish point of view.
Thanx for sharing Nayman.

I hate to stereotype, but my experience with Russians has taught me that on the whole they can often seem HIGHLY predjudicial. So that they are experiencing a problem with neo-nazis, I can’t say as I am suprised. You see, the Soviet Union was by no means one big happy family. The mentality of ‘Us and Them’ has always been present, though not as visible.

Hey. Sorry if I wasn’t clear.

Extreme right groups are scary but what freaks me are the majority that brings the extremists to power. People who aren’t disadvantaged, that hold good morals on a personal level, but when it comes to national issues logic seems to fly out the window and people start naming scapegoats left right and centre:, “Nuke them”, "imprison those!, “hang him!” “invade that”.
In Australia, we have consistently voted in the most right wing government we’ve had in 30 years. It (the current gov) uses antagonist tactics to set one group against another, has prison camps for refugees, sells off state assets, screws the aborigines, and lies to the public. And Aussies swallow it.
When the rights in power its not them that get me down, its seeing my nation living up/down to the cynical manipulations of those that hold them in contempt.

…but the Russians, they really do have a hard lot. Always have done. Makes Australia seem like a bunch of brats.

That has nothing to do with whether the ruling political system is “right” or “left.” We don’t screw over our aboriginal people (the term applies outside of Australia, too, and we won’t get into a defense of my position there at this point), but everything else you have mentioned has been going on here with “righties,” “lefties,” and “moderates.” Same things in every admistration, regardless of political affiliation, but you only hear about a handfull of things from each one because opponents try to gain allies by pointing out those mistakes to groups that would be most upset by them.

Same things in every admistration,

Agreed, but what gets me is peoples complacency to it. With every faction playing the same game though, I guess people don’t expect to much.
I just added the “screws aborigines” bit for effect, guess I was playing the game myself :stuck_out_tongue: . Still i think they are marginalised under Howard.

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