creepy scene

I went to a Tool show last week and saw that they had some amazing videos on their set. They were all very creepy and weird and whatnot. Their videos are also similar to this, you can find them on youtube. But anyways i wanted to create a scene that caught that same feeling and i came up with this. Lemme know what you think.


Also, i wanted to maybe put some veins on the surface of their skin, i saw somewhere that maybe a bumpmap would work. But i dont know how to use them. Or if there is a different way to do that maybe someone can share.

Well bumpmaps are used to create the illusion of 3d without actually making the verticles. So if you just add a bumpmap then it might get a few vein-like extrusions, but they wont have veins color. To do this you need to give it a vein texture where the vein extrusions will come.

Anyway, heres the “recipe” forr bumpmap.

Under materials buttons find map to. At the very top left is something called “nor”, click this. lower at the menu is something called nor value, this is how much the texture will seem to extrude.
Since the amout and placement is based on the whiteness of the texture then it might be a good idea to add a b&w texture purely for the bumpmap. This tex should be a pure bump texture and thus not affect the colors (col should be off)

Hope this makes just a tiny but of sense… :wink:

Yes, it did make sense.

thank you