Creepy Unreal Eye

This was modeled and textured purely in blender (all procedurals). I want to work on it more but can’t come up with any good ideas, so I consider it done for now. There are three versions because some people like one and others like the others.

The expression “Hariy Eyeball” takes on a whole new meaning. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there a tutorial for that hair?

Cause I wanna make my eye look more realistic by having those tenticle things in the eye.

By “tentacle things” I think you mean “veins” :wink:

It’s just simple box modelling. I did a few variations on thickness, curvature, length, and a few other variables then I just duplicated them around the eye as the axis. It’s a very simple method, but it strains the computer a lot.

Yeah I meant veins. Couldn’t think of the name.

Anyway. So you didn’t use a script? It was just pure blender? Achieved by modelling a single hair then duplicating it a hundred times? NICE WORK

BTW needs better lighting. :wink: