Crème de Glace

Hi guys,

Here is my second Blender project! This is a render of a clay teapot that I made way back in elementary school. The cone is the spout and the handle is the banana. The lid is made from the chocolate and there is a handle on the lid in the form of a cherry. The original concept was there back in school, but I failed to bring it to life until now. To me, it’s a major step up from my first project and I learned a lot in the process. I am now letting myself officially call myself an artist after this one. :slight_smile: All images are rendered at a measly 500 samples and post-processed with a mix of Blender and Gimp. Enjoy the crème glacée!

Some close-ups:

This is actually pretty nice! While modeling is ok, in my opinion materials could use improvement. For example the background color looks like a bad choice to me, that green definently take away my appetite, especially reflected in the chocolate. The banana also looks very dull. Why not rethink the color of the scene as a whole? Make a colormap in gimp first to see if it fits! Perhaps use a kitchen HDR as background? And finally maybe add some realisme into the cloth. You should also try to rethink your lighting, I think it would greatly help.
Then again I’m bringing up all this, but overall it’s very nice, congrats! And it’s very poetic to realise childhood dreams like this :wink: