Crescent Dawn Teaser Video Part 2 - Coming Soon

This is a teaser message for an upcoming teaser video sequel of Crescent Dawn. This time I’ll ask saluk not to bash the crap out of those poor bunnies.

So in a few months, more or less we will have a new video for everyone to suckle on.



Well I’m curious how the game is so far because Saluk redid the game isn’t it? I like the effect like the weather system, day/night, and also I really want to see some animals walking around and doing things.
Show us some another stuff then in the last video, and make it longer. :smiley: Keep up the good work, I really like the game. 8)

Thats good news :slight_smile: .
I cant wait to see this :stuck_out_tongue: .

please ignore the “Architecture” of the bunny pen… :wink:

How many fps does the game run at, and what version of blender are you using?

it runs at a flat 60fps on my a64 3000+
using latest blender build from


Lol, doogs, you’re stringing us along like rabbits. Could have easily posted this a few months later with the 2nd release video.

Hmm, wonder what new things are in store.

Jason Lin

Lol a teaser for a teaser??? That’s terrible :slight_smile: But yeah we’re still working hard and trying to get as much useful things done as possible. There will be plenty of new stuff in this video based on the old one, in fact 95% of it should be totally new featurewise. I’m not sure about length, but it will be MORE content-wise then the last video.

Yeah we use the latest release (not 2.35a, latest test build from, and it runs really smooth.

This is good news saluk, doogs :smiley: .
But hope you guys finnish it soon

rest assured, for I hope that your hope is hand in hand with patience, because you may be well waiting over 10 years

RonC :<

lol :wink:

Saluk, that sounds totally wicked. Yea more game technic depended movie. I can’t wait to see the cool weather/world system, animals and enviroment. You make a top view short of the map? a fly by. :slight_smile:

I really can’t wait to see the movie and some screens. [me] running around in cirkels of exiting [/me] :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw nice screen of those bunnies, and are you guys using the realtime shadow feature from tupohuu? or it that just the normal realtime lightning from blender 2.35?

that my friend is a secret.


seems to be classic lighting with alpha shadows, but who knows…
by the way, all theses secrets and hype around this project seems a bit “dumb” to me.

still it’s looking nice

Getting a bit full of ourselves, are we? :wink:

Anyway, it looks great, but here’s the main question…
Is it any fun? :wink:

I know it’s huge, I know it’s amazing graphics-wise, and I knooow that it is hyped beyond beleif… :wink:
But here’s the real question: What do you do in the game, and is there a story? :smiley:

Doogs, I know that so far, it is one of the best (though as far as graphics, i think Torq’s game looks a bit more professional) games that would be made in blender, but all you do with these arrogant posts is make people dislike you. Modesty IS a good thing.

I will give credit where it’s due, though, and those bunnies look friggen cool, though it does look a bit like a modified version of the webplugin bunny cough cough

Will there be any bushes or grass or anything? Endless rolling hills with the same texture doesn’t sound like a lot of fun.


I didn’t make the bunnies.

Peter did.


“Endless rolling hills doesn’t look like a lot of fun.”

Don’t get the wrong impression based on the little you have seen. The hills are not close to endless (it’s a very small area) all the screenshots have just been from that small area. The old teaser was from our old world, and we didn’t have many other textures to use at that stage. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of variation. And there are a lot of bushes, trees, grass, rocks, etc to go around. And we are always adding more. But it’s not really about the graphics, it’s about the gameplay :slight_smile:

This “early” in development there is no guarantee that the gameplay will be any good. It’s the kind of game that doesn’t get fun until it all comes together, as opposed to the kind of game that starts out really fun and doesn’t get much funner than the initial gameplay. Deus Ex versus Doom: with doom you have simple mechanics which the developers put a lot of work into making those simple mechanics work. Then, they just take those mechanics, and repeat throughout the whole game. Deus Ex, morrowind, those style games have a lot of elements that when they come together can make for a really fun, deep experience. Of course, if any of the elements lag too far behind, it can bring the whole facade crumbling down.

Many of the best games have seen the developers nearly finish only to discover the game isn’t fun. Deus Ex, Halflife, Halo are a few recent examples. Games can be really complex to balance, and a lot of the time things don’t really come together until months before the game is out. Why do you think Half Life 2 was delayed longer than a year :slight_smile:

Anyway, we just both have this extreme vision, and are extremely hopefull that the vision will come to fruition. Whether it happens soon or takes a long time. Some of the features we need to add (for gameplay not graphics) are still too tricky to do in this engine. So we work on other things.

Yeah, those bunnies. That was our first creature in the land :slight_smile: Peter made concept art and we analyzed it and worked with it until we came out how we wanted them to look. We didn’t really want them to look totally like a real bunny, or like what you see every day, but a little more alien. We want the world to seem realistic, but not quite. We were pretty happy with the final model, and the animations are great. I’m working on the ai for them at the moment. Ai is my favorite kind of programming.

Most of our lag is because the programming can’t support the vision. Our vision is too big. As the different pieces of programming get completed, there is more of a framework to fit content into, and you will start seeing more in the way of cool content. The biggest problem with most online games is lack of content, and my biggest problem with Morrowind was too much walking and not enough doing. This is not going to be a game where you are bored spending hours just running from one place to another and then back. A DEEP world is the focus rather than a WIDE one, although we do want to keep the feeling of the world being LARGE. Bigger than your average fps (not on rails like half life), but probably smaller than the likes of morrowind. Somwhere in between gothic 1 and gothic 2, but with more depth.

We should get back to work now, it just always helps to have a little bit of community salivation to fuel our creative energies.

Take care all, we want to see blender reach higher heights!

Agreed. Well put, Saluk. I guess I’ll say a few more words about Crescent Dawn. Sure, I hype it up. I just removed some of the grandiose words just because a few people don’t really like my self-mocking attitude and think it’s me having a huge ego. I’m just trying to shake things up a bit, and it obviously worked. I don’t even think that this whole game could be compared to Torq’s game. It’s completely different genres. Saluk and I are being very experimental, riding the fine line between planning and being creative on-the-spot. If anything, our team DOES draw attention when we are working on a project in full swing. We are dedicated even when our lives are almost too busy to even think about blender. I think ultimately, to the community, Crescent Dawn is a force of inspiration to most gameblender users. Sure, we might not have a huge release any forseeable time, but we are here to open the possibilities for everyone.


Thank you, i was just being semi-critical. I do think the post you made was a bit “bow down to the blender gods saluk and doogs and anybody else who’s on this game” but i’m glad you realized it and fixed it, it restores my respect for you :smiley: