Crescent Drive - Interior Render

Hi everyone,

This is my first serious attempt to create an interior view with Blender and a bit of postprocessing on PS.

This render is based on photo of an actual project (see attachment)

I know, the light is warmer than actual photo, but I guess I was going to a different mood, but anyways, I still think is not realistic enough… is it saturation? Perhaps someone with a trained eye could help me to improve it.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t think the reference photo is very realistic either. Are you sure it’s not a render?

Yours looks great but I think another lighting approach will give you what you want.
Maybe more balanced light is needed.

Actually, at this point your render look way better than the referenced photo… this sounds like a compliment but it isn’t.
I’m pretty much sure that reference photo is, in fact, render and not very good one.
There are many great architecture photographers around and you can use their work to study how light really works.

Hmm, this is actually pretty solid advice, I should learn something from this too.

And upper left corner looks too white, flat and boring comparing to the room that looks nice and interesting.
Keep a good work!

When I clicked on the image to see it in full resolution, it looked like it had too low quality. Probably light sampling/antialiasing/GI quality is too low. Better quality is needed to work on materials.

It’ better to learn lighting starting from a natural light source like sky + sun first. It’s easier to control than artificial one. So maybe first create dome lighting with some EXR map, with sun and sky, and play around rotating it to so see which position it would create the best look. We don’t know what happens behind the camera so you can create something like windows/terrace opening and play with that as well.

I don’t know if the floor is lit too bright, but it looks like it is just a white plane, there is detail on it.

in my opinion

I think your render doesn’t looks real because you didn’t use pbr materials, or the settings aren’t dialed in, the reflections just isn’t right.
next would be because of the low poly/quality assets you’re using, too many perfect straight edges.
and try using flimic to render it too