Friends of Gameblender…

After much quibbling, Saluk and I agreed to release this surprise preview of our game. We have hyped it a lot to this point, so I’d like to present you with over 8 months of work. Thank you to everyone who helped us in our quest and enjoy. This is for all of you.

DIVX5 format, 7MB

if its too slow, here is the bittorrent link:

editing by saluk, music by doogs

Yep, it was kind of hard to make because I had to run a video out from one computer into a video in in the other, then I edited it in virtuadub, segmented it into the good bits, edited them all back together, and layed down d0oGs music over it.

The download will be slow as I only have 30k upstream, and if lots of people download…

I’ll be putting up a bit torrent shortly.

Nice work, saluk and doogs! I love this nice UI.(I remembered the Dungeon Master…)

I think the player doesn’t know success clearly when he hit a monster with his weapon(I think the monsters will add hit motions or voices).

I can’t wait to play your work!

Yes the animation doesn’t always sinc up correctly on the bunny. But you can hear the hit and see how much damage you do so its ok for now.

To always get better of course :slight_smile:

Neat. but I don’t like to hear the scream voice of the cute bunny… :wink:

Keep going! :smiley:

whoaaaaa… really nice!! the environments are amazing

i especially love the drag and drop item equipping!! that is too cool

this was worth the hour download =)

freakin told you…

The file is corupt %|

Saluk can I ask you a thing??
How old are you?? :wink:
Just wondered

NOR.J: The file is corupt %|

The file looks ok, I downloaded it it was great. Just check if you’ve got a DIVX player to play the movie, get Divx from

SaLuk: Great movie, But the quelity is very bad. But I like the game play, great levels, atmosphere, and I think some great animals will finish it. Are you planning to add monsters in the game? :smiley: Because you didn’t tell much about the characters, only developement and game play. 8)

JD - Multi: hehe, it is no where near finished :slight_smile: The characters are probably the most important part. The quality is bad because my video out card stinks and I only could capture at 340x280 :frowning: Then I edited in divx so it kept getting worse :frowning:

Nor J: I am 19

Also, if people download using bit torrent, could you leave it open so you can continue sharing with others please :slight_smile:

Wow, this is very impressive! I really want to play this game now! It looks so cool when running, I cant wait to play Crescent Dawn!

Yeah, can we have a quick demo :wink:

no doogs, very very few people make somehting good enough that it gives them the right to act like an asshole… and youre not one of them… im’ing me everyday telling me how much i suck and how ill never be able to make anything as good looking as crescent dawn is not telling me your games good, its forcing it down my throat

it doesnt live up to the hype you fed me everyday, but what game could

ever heard of being humble? if people hate the makers, they may end up hating the game purely out of spite… im halfway there

so why dont you be gracious and thank us for the compliments instead of making us regret ever writing them

Heay, I don’t hate the Cresent Dawn developers. I really like them working on that game. I only would play a little demo, because I really can’t wait anymore. My hands are shaking to play that game :o I like CD so much. :smiley:

please everyone disregard blengine’s childlike retort, he’s been trying to put me down since day one. I never AIM him. Sorry. Anyways, I said “i told you so” because i told you to check it out and you finally did :slight_smile:

O_O awsome! i cant wait!

to speed somethings up i uploaded it to my webspace heres the link :slight_smile:

hopefully its fast

Nice work!

p.s.: Doogs, where’s saluk? :wink: errrr… No! Wait! Now I know it again! The music is GREAT!! :smiley:

I’m around…

Im not going to get involved in doogs vs blengine squablle hehe.

Im going to try to work on the game more often, and not get so scared of the monstrous tasks before me…

Hehe! No, it’s just a (#gameblender-)joke! Doogs knows what I mean! :wink:

Im going to try to work on the game more often, and not get so scared of the monstrous tasks before me…

Well then! Go on! There are ppl waiting for a demo! :wink: