Cretan lute


Really cool! :slight_smile:

Well done, σύντεκνε!

Ya sou Rousso,
Very nice. The render is a little hazy/out of focus, is that the denoising?

Oh, thank you! Θα κανω και μια ρακη, με μεζε, αν βρω χρονο…

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Yes its the denoiser but mostly is the deph of field i enabled. U think its too blured or unfocused?

Yes to noisy, in my opinion, it is blurred overall. Depth of field would be more effective if something was sharp in focus and the other things with different depth were out of focus.

That may mean you change the composition so that one lute is “in the middle” focused while the other may be further back hazed, or detailed part in foreground hazed.

Then again those are just ideas, I like your image, it’s just a little blurry…
Ρακή βέβαια!

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Its a good idea actually. To bring some details back in the scene nad change some things. Objects are stuffed like a bad adv! The truth is that i’m already using it in a biger scene.
But again the instrument does n’t need any of this! :wink:
Thank you really for your time, i will post here any changes.