crete fire

At all lessons in case of creation of fire the box is used, light doesn’t pass through it. How to make that through it passed light and she didn’t create a shadow?

A box was used? Where did you see that? Do you have a link?

I think he means the Domain

The domain is normally used for some smoke simulation. It’s not needed to make fire.

In this option there is no fire. But the smoke is limited by a box, it would be desirable to make so that it was the free.

Good lord people, he’s asking about the domain casting a box shaped shadow on the rest of his scene! I’ve never seen so many useless posts in regard to a straightforward question.

Here’s what you do buddy: Select the cube with the volume material (your domain), scroll down to the “options” tab, and un-check “traceable”. Now, the domain bounds will no longer cast a shadow. :slight_smile:

If you don’t mind the fire looking like garbage, then yes, this is true. If you want it to actually resemble something in the real world… gonna have to run a sim.

Also, Womanizer, I can’t seem to follow that link you provided. It’s either down or I can’t access it from the States.

this has to be one of the most common questions about the smoke sim… I would recommend that people getting into simulation should always watch a tutorial before asking questions’ – its going to be faster in the long run.