Cri Cri try to model it :)

Oki this is some big pictures though ( 1440x900 ) but Love small planes, and had played around with this one for weeks now, hope u like it, an any C&C will be good :slight_smile: the info is this plane is world smallest twin engine plane mk-12 and mk-15 ( 2 x 15 HP engines and 20~25 liter fuel and rated to do +9 G, -4,5 G ) and Please some C&C… specially on materials

Looks very cool. I think It’s mayby a little bit plastic looking in parts.

Other than that it looks very fun, and think It would look great in a background!!!

Hej ya I know, im bad to materials an so on, kan you guys help to do much with little work? or it is just pain in the azz to do materials?

try to fill up more of the space with the object if you dont have a background-right now there is a lot of plain blue around the place thats not really helping anything.
I like the design of the plane, it looks quite futuristic, in a retro kind of way…
looks cool.