Cric. Minigame inspired by Zaha Hadid. Updated

A long time ago I found this cutegolf demo done by Blenderage. :yes:

I just got in love with the game mechanics and I decided to go a little demo in honour of Zaha Hadid. :o

I’ve simplified the logic bricks system and changed the appearance of the game to create this demo that works as a tool box in case you want to expand it.

The objective is of extreme simplicity: you just need to work your way across the scenario.

I believe that a interesting idea would be to not punish the player if he falls in the empty between the platforms and instead of that, teleport him to a new environment, making he get the will to go on, so that winning the challenge is turned into a game of the player with himself. Just an idea.

You tube video:

.exe for windows:


All the content is under creative commons 2.5 attribute. :yes:

Current bugs: mouse, sound and shader doesn´t work on Mac. Sound and shader doesn´t work on linux.

Comments and crits are VERY welcome.

Thankx a lot to Oto and Blenderage.


I love golf :smiley:

Golf?! Great, but… where are the clubs? :slight_smile:
Very nice start!

Hey thank you guys! Screenshots, video, .blend and .exe for windows added to this post.