Cricket net modelling with sagging net


I’ve made some cricket practice nets so it’s basically just a frame of scaffolding like poles with planes on them and those planes have a net texture and alpha transparency applied. It looks good but a little unrealistic as the net is perfectly flat on top and on the sides where as in real life the net would sag slightly from top and sides … unless of course it was pulled crazy tight when attached.

Have followed a few tutorials and there’s one out there that builds the net from scratch for a soccer goal, applies vertex points, hooks and Cloth Dynamics and then when you play the animation the net drops down. That’s what I’m after but I need the dropdown look as a final result in my model and not have any animation at all to get it to that point.

I can’t seem to get my head around how to do that and was hoping to get some advice please.



You do need animation to get to the point, thats the point of simulation.

When yr happy you can apply the simulation on a frame you like.

weight paint some verts on the sides of a grid,

call that group pin

pin that group under shape in cloth,

play with vertex mass until you get something you like like…


sculpt it?

Many thanks Alphachannel for your detailed reply. Appreciate your helpnwith it. I’m back on the computer later in the week so will give your recommendations a shot and see how it goes. Cheers.

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Thanks AlphaChannel. The sculpting idea looked like the easiest option so tried it and worked great. Just needed to subdivide the plane first to about 60 and that added more detail to drag around.