CrimeFiction Game WIP(renamed topic)

Here are some screenshots from a project I am working on. I have learned a lot from lurking here and only occasionally logging on to post.

This is a cafe with some lousy alpha textured chandeliers. The texture on the windows is off as well. You can see a map in the lower left corner applied with an overlay. The little yellow dot is the character. Also a simple compass to the right.

A shot of the sea I created using a tutorial (Cog’s I believe). I took a render of the waves mesh and applied the image as a texture to a flat plane. Maybe I will put the wave mesh back in. I used to animate the mesh and the high points would wash over the dock and send everything floating away, FUN!! Notice the “dock worker” which is not my creation and I will eventually change. That mesh was for a test of an Import script. That skymap does look familiar now doesn’t it, thank you for that.

That was a fun little alpha texture used for the palm tree top. I also was really happy when I learned to make the lamps glow. I think the columns and arches are cool as well.

Here you see the front of the main character I call him “Jack”. His hat, shirt, tie, jacket, pants and shoes are all seperate meshes connected to a single armature. …because I could. Also notice my feeble attempt at vertex painting on Jack. All the rest is static lighting using vertex colors and lamps in shaded view.

I really enjoied making the crates and barrels and such on the dock and texturing them. Each box and barrell is a seperate mesh just so I could waste computing power. Besides that “dock worker” isn’t getting much stuff loaded into the boat anyhow. I used to have multiple layers of alpha textured tobbacco leaves on planes but then my 450Mhz PII really took a hit so I smoked them.

This is just an overview of the whole set so far. It makes me happy even though progress is slow. Oh I forgot inbetween the map and the compass is bitmapped font plane which displays the names of objects when Jack bumps into them. I left that out of the screenies because no one really thought they were “dock workers” anyhow.

If anyone wants to help please get my email from the user profile and drop me a line. We can talk about where the project is at and where it’s going. If that “verse” integration goes well we could even collaborate in realtime on this. Regards, honeycomb

Post Date: Thu Nov 10, 2005

I thought I would share some videos of Jack and some Action/Animations

Here is the walkcycle:

If Jack gets too close to the dock edge:

Perhaps Jack is interested in a “dock worker”:

Post Date: Sun Dec 04, 2005
I thought I would post a small animation of a new character “Secretary”. Here is an image:

And a link to her walkcycle which was all done in 2.39a2 with envelopes.

It soon becomes clear why it is good to have bone chains that are not always connected tip to root when working in 2.39a2. Her skirt is a softbody which I haven’t fully tested and got working. Still this look does have its appeal. As soon as I modify the character to work in 2.37 I will add her into the game, alas without the softbody skirt. Stay tuned for more characters including “Bartender” and “Female Lounge Singer”.

Post Date: Mon Dec 05, 2005
Posted some wires of Jack. My skills are no where near the great work of others but it makes me happy (we create art for ourselves mostly, don’t we?) Jack UV Faces:

This wire image was created using the “Save UV Face Layout” script. As stated above each part of Jack is a seperate mesh. I ran the script on each part (jacket pants, hat, shirt, tie). I was going to use the LSCM unwrap but instead I selected “From Window” and seperated the front and back meshes. I thought that considering the semetry of the mesh this was faster.

What I did next might sound crazy but I was lazy and needed the practice. Instead of opening up the GIMP to combine the images I used the sequence editor and “Multiplied” the images together and finally rendered with “Do Sequence” starting and ending at frame 1.

As this is my first game ( and a long way from being finished ) I am taking the advice of many on thes froums and creating the characters to be used in animations. Then I will have the “cut scenes” which tell an actual story. From there I will build a game around the story. In this fashion I hope to someday attract others who are interested and they will have some idea of where this is going. If anyone cares to modify paint the image above and send it back I could render a still with “your” clothing design on it. ( email is in profile ) I suppose I could do a better job of UV layuot though as some edges in the image are really close together.

It looks pretty good so far. Hopefully more news is to come.

Well… very nice work dude…keep going!
Maybe u can try a vertex paint in some areas to put some “realistic shadows” in the streets. :wink:

I love the main character! reall cool concept…nice “dock workers” too. :wink: …the objects and the tree look really good too. However, I do think the environment could be better…you know, the texturing on the floor, walls, and architecture of the ship.

hahaha, thats hallarious! :stuck_out_tongue: …pun intended?

Looks promising! You know, a lot of people don’t seem to try very hard when it comes to the graphics.

Thank you. I really plan on using radiosity to get that cool realistic look. I tried it once and didn’t know what I was doing and I had to re-texture everything. Of course I may just pre render the radiosity and use GIMP to combine it with my origional texture and redoo it all again anyhow.

If I have time and web space I will post some of the lousy annimations I did for Jack.

The “dock workers” actually walk around using an imported BVH file. When I realized that these files were 600-1000 frames long I chopped it down by hand to around 50 or so. Also how much fun would it be if there were softbody in the GE.8)

If I am understanding you correctly on the texturing, are you talking about “realisim” and ading “dirt” to the textures? As an example, rust streaks running down the wall below one of those iron lamps mounted to the wall? Please elaborate as I am always willing to learn new things to make my skills better. (i know, i’ll just add mist and that will fix everything)

Also, as a WIP the boat is relatively new and has not been completed. It is very hard to find good blueprints of non military ships. Come to think of it the whole project is in various stages of completeness. I never thought playing god would be so hard.:smiley:

Thank you as well. I used to try really hard to be a sales person, not for a profession but, as a added skill and I failed misserably. Then there are others who can sell a brush to a bald man!

It is very hard to find good blueprints of non military ships.

Check out and

This game looks very nice. Keep up good work! :smiley:

One other quick question for those who view this:

Are there any Blender users in or around Detroit, Michigan, USA? Perhaps within 1 Hour drive? Like Toledo, Ohio, USA - Windsor ,Ontario, Canada - London, Ontario, Canada, etc;. Hey, if you don’t know just see Mapquest or some other internet map site.

If so please let me know and we could possibly start a local user group and/or get into other assorted trouble involving Blender.



Check out It seems there are blenderheads around there.

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That’ a real good job ! :smiley:

Awesome, Jack looks awesome, nice style of clothes :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t wait to see a downloadble demo :slight_smile:

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wow, amazing job so far.
you have great low-poly modeling skills.
is this your first game with blender???

very nice work, keep goin’.

Demobobbin, thank you for your kind words. I am not sure how great my skills are so I will let everyone else decide by posting some wires of Jack.

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Hi Honeycomb

I have some blueprints of older style fishing trawlers etc
including hull profiles. lets us know if you need them


Dr S