Crimson Knight ( all up to date)

Well, it is finally finished, the red Mecha knight


more close up:

Owww!!! Amazing job!!! It’s simply perfect!!!
It need to be in the top galery!!!


and now his back side with full wingspan

Very cool work, ForgottenWorld! Your modeling looks good, and the materials you’ve created are especially great! I love the subtle bumps in the armor. The lighting and post-processing effects make the model look even more grand. I’m going to check out your WIP thread to learn more. Great job!

Oh man, this is awesome work! :smiley: I love these kind of robots/gundams and this one is one of the coolest I’ve seen. Great work! :slight_smile:

Don’t know if you will found mine WIP thread much useful through. Besides the few people drop in, there isn’t that much discussion going on, is basically just me doing update…

There is one more with different shield (from gundam wing)

the shield:

Come on! dont die on me yet, this is not over

I have no idea why this is not being showcased up top! This is simply amazing. I know I’ve commented before but I think this deserves a spot up top. :wink:

Top row material. The composition, modeling, texturing and lighting are great.

A beautiful, toprow work!

Thanks guys

indeed lovely, good modeling lighting, and overall composition of the scene:
-the heated metal on the right arm of the mecha needs to be more fierce, add some glow, maybe heat distortion, also it fade quickly at the front part vs the back part.

would love to see this in a more expressive scene.

^you’re in luck then, I just put him in different position. (wow, I put lots of render in this finish work…)
also I use the “movie effect” by using one of the photo software to make it more dramatic
-Heat distortion! good point.

Simply beautiful… the only thing it could be improved is the light wrap / dof in the last img.

I am not normally into Mecha stuff but this is pretty sweet!

OOWOWOO SO AWESOME!!! thanks for posting this, so inspirational

So many memories of Saturday night cartoons coming back to me. Specifically Toonami on Cartoon Network. This gets an 11 out of 10 thanks to the nostalgia. BTW how’d you do the tail? Curve deform modifier?

Amazing work, congratulations!!