Blender 2.5 / Sculptris / Crazy Bump / Blender Internal / Octane Render/ Gimp / Photoshop

Hopefully an improved dragon:

Eeeh? Is she all CG?
Mamma mia!

P.S. Too many packages for something that could be done with Blender alone! Improve your skills! ;-p

P.P.S. Just added some Kilos of stars to the thread…

excellent composite work. would be fun to see a bit more detail and/or realism from the dragon, but other than that I like it a lot.

Great lightning, and composition. I agree that dragon could use some better textures.

I expect that this is another one of Richards “Photo-CG mix” compositions. He does them often (tmk).

The dragon just needs that extra push to get it off the cliff of CG. Have you tried sculpting a bit more out of it? If you have sculptris I can’t see why you couldn’t. Normal Maps are your friend! Use them as much as possible. Get rid of that symmetry, it is killing me!

Agree with Wefyb…

Thanks for the feedback, everyone!

This shot is the result of a collaboration between my daughter (pictured) and me. While reviewing the image last night, we both agreed that the dragon is a bit of a letdown. I probably should have chucked this one over in the WIP thread. I’d take kindly to some detailed advice on how to improve him. I’d be happy if the final result ended up looking something similar to the t-rex out of Jurrasic Park.

I’m between projects at the moment so I have a few evenings to work on him. Wefyb, I’ll take your advice and run him back through Sculptris (I modeled, textured, and painted him there the first time around.) Fortunately, the final PS comp will let me pop in a new render quite easily.

The girl looks realistic xD

Thats coz she is real. lol

Not that anyone’s asked for wires – but to clarify:

After some effort to improve the dragon:

(Same image as the 2nd in original post.)

Dragon looks much better. Maye you should add some height to his jaw, cos you said you want to make him t-rex like. Right now it looks flat, and more snike like, and weak because of that. Good job on clothes, I thought they were real piece, with girl, but now I see they are cg.

Really nice job on this one Richard. I think the eyes on the dragon could use more depth.

Very good image RichardUpshur! The second one is truly better, way more believable, you’re daughter will be very proud!
oh… and you used quite an amazing amount of software to do it! :eek:

Thanks for the feedback!

@3demntia –Thanks! Yeah, the eyes could use some work. I might piddle around with them some more as we’re thinking about a second shot.

@Shilam – Thanks! And yeah, a lot of tools. I’m still in the process of figuring out what works best for me. I used gimp and Crazy Bump for the stone texture (I really like the way gimp automates seamless textures.) I used Blender Internal to render the fire because Octane can’t handle it. Honestly, I can’t ever see me leaving Photoshop for the post work (unless I was doing animation maybe?)

Hi Richard, what did you meant when u said:
‘gimp automates seamless textures’

U got example, or some tutorial about it? it sounds handy.

Hi, Jose.

I was referring to the “Filters > Map > Make Seamless” function of Gimp. It automatically makes a texture tileable with no seams. Photoshop doesn’t have such a filter, so you have to do it by hand.

I hope that makes sense – could easily be a poor choice of words on my part. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I use seamless gimp plugin a lot too, very useful and with a bit of post process you obtain great results