Crisp edges on subsurface modifier

Im trying to figure out how to make crisp edges on my mesh, without using loop cuts, which affect my mesh. As seen in the example on top of the model, I deliberately added a bump and on the side, I extruded a section inwards. Now when I add the loop cuts to give it a more crisp edge, the loop cuts which go around my model, also affect my object making it to deform. I tried the Edge Crease method, but the extruded section remains like a circle shape, and not rectangle which I’d like. Any suggestions how to get a particular section more crisp with out affecting the rest of the mesh?

Thank you.

Try with edges loops this way:

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You need to crease the edges like this to keep the square shape:

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I think select the edge you want to stay sharp, right click and choose “edge crease”, and draw it out. I think it is “shift-E”. Hope this is what you are looking for.

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hey guys, I found a solution demo here


Hold on, there is one other way that does not involve adding more geometry at all! It is entirely modifiers.

There is a feature called Edge Bevel Weight (Open the edge menu with Ctrl+E)

With this, it is very similar to crease, however this bevel weight is used in a bevel modifier to determine which edges should be bevelled. Of course, with a bevel, you can achieve very sharp edges even with a subsurface modifier on.

Blue lines indicate the edges to bevel (I did all the inner edges too, but you cannot see them):

Here is the modifier setup. See the bevel modifier and it’s Limit Method, where it is set to Weight. (To use the edge bevel weight setup)

And here is the result:


Hi thanks for your demonstration, I tired to apply this method on my mesh, but mine is more circular ,but yours is more square. What am I doing wrong?

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You need the weight to affect the inner edges, not just the square at the edge. I went and used the bevel weight on all the interior edges. It has a similar handling to edge crease.
I realised my image didn’t illustrate it properly as the modifiers hid the inner edges (they had the bevel weight, you just cannot see it).

Thanks for the prompt reply. I have spent a few hours trying different methods. And both do work well.
The good thing about adding more geometry( Subdivide & Inset) is that I can get more square edge corner, but I had to add more loop cuts.

The Edge bevel weight uses less geometry, but the corners are a bit roundish. Is there anyway to get them more square?

You could try and increase the amount of geometry made by the bevel, the amount of bevel segments, but I don’t think the bevel weight can get any further than that.

This bevel weight info is great. I am going to have to play with it. Nice, Thanks.

It is a solution to my inquiry, but I’ll be also uploading another one regarding this technique as well, which in my case is leaving some pinching on the surface. Ill be posting later on tonight.

Thanks for your help & Info!